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Jake Corry
Jake Corry
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Feb. 23, 2013
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Jake Corry's bidding problem: K93 K98732 K974 ---
I kibitzed this hand and was curious what the consensus view would be. Partner holds something along the lines of AQJxxx Ax AQ JTx
Iain Sime on Countdown
The change of name happened when the club changed premises about five years ago. At around the same time, the club successfully applied for charity status.
Don't worry, I'm sure your question was completely comprehensible. While Patrick is entitled to his pedantry, 'can' has a variety of meanings which the context clarifies. I can attest that my partners are less than impressed when I respond to "You can't bid like that with xxx ...
Eight ever, nine never? A new situation
Thanks Timo, you're right, I misread.
Eight ever, nine never? A new situation
Partner with QJ tight will be pretty unimpressed if you don't see any tactical advantage to ruffing with the 10.
Bake Yourself a Multi Defence
"RHO starts the dreaded 2♦ Multi" Only dreaded in some parts of the world. Played against the Multi for years in club and tournament games. With scratch partners, I don't think I've ever had a conversation about defending against the multi that lasted more than 5 seconds and ...
Xmas party bridge
You can vary this a bit by using curtain cards to give secret instructions to specific players. For example: - you will add one trick to your trick total if you declare the hand in a minor suit (for maximum chaos, you could give each player different instructions on the same ...
New Zealand Interprovincial Championships. My first time on vugraph - not a great experience
After the first comment, directly tell the operator that their comment was inappropriate. If there's a second instance, inform the Director. Though the operator is clearly in the wrong, I'm pretty surprised nobody at the table did this.
Squeeze for 1400
Where did East-West go wrong on this hand?
I don't know the result of the hand. 4 could be a good result at matchpoints. Nor can I see all four hands so I don't know what double dummy has to do with anything. I'm not a good player, which is why is phrased my ...
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