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James Heneghan
James Heneghan
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March 24, 2012
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23 hours ago
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Bridge Player
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Dublin, Ireland & Washington, DC



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Regent, Washington Bridge League
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James Heneghan / Hans Iukovici
2 over 1 GF
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Bernard Goldenfield RIP
I remember playing Vs Bernard and Rhona in Killarney years ago when I was in bridge nappys. I overcalled and they bid my suit twice to reach a right sided 3NT. Both Bernard and Rhona were at pains to explain what was going on. RIP
John Diamond's bidding problem: Q3 KT73 AQ5 AJ86
If your opponent is capable of robbing you blind with their 2S, then Dbl is mandatory and pay off when they have the points in the right places. It's like camping in the woods, mostly lots of fun but danger may be lurking.
MANFIELD Wins Mixed Teams
Nice work guys, taking a leaf out of the Caps playbook!
James Heneghan's bidding problem: AKJ9764 xx xx AK
Partner bid 2, but it's a 2 bid
James Heneghan's bidding problem: AKJ9764 xx xx AK
At the table, I decided to go for game so I bid 2 hoping that pd will raise with 1 trick over 3. The consensus is clearly Dbl which has another string to its bow and you still can reach game if they wriggle to a red suit ...
What is this Signal?
BW has been slow to unmask my original message, so here is the updated version ... I might lead a trump. IMO the default signal would be SP. But you should entertain the possibility of 3 in declarers hand in which case East will give attitude.
What is this Signal?
Could be 8x
Steve Weinstein's lead problem: A9654 AQ5 8 AQ95
Confucius say, (s)he who double must have lead.
You know its not your night when...
Bidding 3S took away losing options from your weak/moderate opponents and risked even less match points thank you eventually got. Hyper aggression rarely pays vs weak/moderate opponents as these actions box them into making a pragmatic decisions.
Losing in The Vanderbilt
I give South the Kx(x), 6/7 and the A and presumably the K. With S holding 7, you need to bang down the A and hope the K drops. If south has Kx,Ax,AKxxxx,Kxx and you cont. a , you are ok while a ...

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