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James Huntington
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Aug. 21, 2015
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First ACBL session 1973, first master point the next year, played pro in 1980s, took many years off, came back in 2000s, now playing almost only on BBO.

United States of America

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To bid or not to bid?
So you don't think partner took the bat out of your hands? I can't see how 3 is a true 100% action - if it's 90%, isn't that close to being proscribed for being suggested by the hesitation?
Strong Hand
If people respond on garbage as in your companion question, maybe 1 isn't bad after all.
Interesting how, as opening bids get lighter, responses do too. I wonder how well people are internalizing that, on both the initial-action and defensive-bidding sides.
What do I smell?
South's forcing pass is a strong call. Hardly a sure thing for North to bid on, but people are more willing to risk embarrassing results (such as grands where an opponent ends up on lead at trick two) than in the past. Reasonable, if debatable.
What is a ‘convention’?
What I'm saying is that the forcing double raise was once called not a convention, but a treatment. For that, it can still have a specific meaning, as with the forcing new suit responses for which the same would also have applied.
What is a ‘convention’?
Once upon a time, a "convention" was something artificial and not related to the strain named (e.g. Blackwood, Stayman, Bergen raises), and anything that does (e.g. five-card majors, short clubs, Smolen) was a "treatment." The ACBL, though, has shown, by handling many treatments as if they were conventions ...
You Be the Coach - Part III
You have 8 losers. Partner will usually have 5. Not enough for slam.
The Super Bowl, Kim Jong Un, Cricket and Bridge
Yes, that is usually the case. I have referred to that as "the Hugh Grant rule" - all publicity is good publicity.
Is doubling after this (slight) pause Justified?
That's a defensive moose of a weak jump overcall...
'Old' Bridge Magazines
Did you get my message?
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