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James Key
James Key
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May 14, 2012
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July 6, 2017
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Bridge Player
about me
I teach math.
United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the Unit Championship my first time playing A/X.
Regular Bridge Partners
Ajit Thyagarajan; Jim Geist
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Washington Bridge League
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2/1 Game Forcing
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Play the Dummy in 3N
Play the Dummy in 3N
She follows low.
Find the safest way to 9 tricks in 3NT
Looks to me like a heart wins if LHO is 4630 or 3640, regardless of the spade position. If he were 2650, he would have had a Michaels call available. If he is 5620, the heart loses only when RHO has a singleton J, 10, or 9.
Rebids after Negative Double
I did bid 3, and over 3N I jumped to 6. :-) Playing partner for xx Kx KQJx AQxxx or similar, in which case 6 makes on a 3-2 split. Can probably handle 4-1 break if he has the 10.
Noble Shore's bidding problem: Axxxx Ax --- AKxxxx
I expect partner to have a doubleton spade. The 3 bid established a game force, so partner should bid 3 to set trumps if he has a fit. He didn't, so he doesn't. I think the slammers are putting too many specific cards in partner's ...
Play 4 Spades
Ken -- good point. I missed the fact that if North ruffs a winner, then the defense is out of trumps, but dummy is not! You are quite right.
Play 4 Spades
Hmm...Ken -- interesting point about what happens to South when he holds Hx. But suppose he exits a red suit. You have enough winners in dummy to pitch all your club losers, but you may not have time to do so. Suppose North ruffs the third diamond and puts a ...
Play 4 Spades
At the table, I saw that I would very likely lose 2 spades and a diamond trick, so if I could just get to dummy to take the club hook, I could make it if RHO held Kx or Kxx. So I won the A and called for the 10 ...
Sylvia Shi's bidding problem: Jxxx Qxxx --- ATxxx
I think 4 is a reasonable shot, as some of the commenters' constructions show. I'd say the slammers are dreaming. Possible? Yes. Likely? Not in my judgment. Note that you might get a trump lead, and the notrump bidder might win the Ace and fire back a second ...
Elementary stuff.
Pretty awesome that the 4 passes were "not surprising," like it happens every day. :-)

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