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James Lawrence
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Sept. 29, 2011
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about me

Club player and EBU tournament director.

"minus1100" on BBO, a name I occasionally live up to!

In real life, I am a professional data scientist.

United Kingdom

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5HX-9 NV. Maybe that isn't an accomplishment...
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Definition of a penalty double
Ah indeed, it was the blue book not the white one. My mistake. Kieran, it may be that in your example of a double of 1H showing four hearts, that it better fits the EBU's definition of an "optional double". I was sure this was in the blue book ...
Definition of a penalty double
The EBU has some guidance on this in the white book: A penalty double suggests that the doubler believes, on the basis of his hand and the auction to date, that his side’s best result on the board will be obtained by defending the doubled contract. Partner is expected ...
Declining the revoke penalty
I think it would be fine if it depended on the competition but not the opponents (for example you might say you'll ignore some revokes in a club game but always call the TD at a tournament).
Precision "Pass and Pull" (Part one)
I answered "five", but I really think I just need to own the Ace of clubs. I'm on the fence if I just have the king.
Precision "Pass and Pull" (Part one)
I'm not sure I would value Axx the same as KJx here, so it makes the question a bit ill posed.
AI Will Take Over
What if you claim before you have won the first trick (i.e. as soon as the opening lead is made)? IIRC, BBO treats that as a *concession* of all the tricks. Perhaps that got some people.
game vs slam flip psychology
They *are* riskier, at least in the sense that the stakes are higher and whatever you do there is the possibility of a double digit IMP swing.
game vs slam flip psychology
People are famously inconsistent in this regard. In a recent UK poll, some people were asked if they were in favour of "giving 16- and 17-year olds the right to vote" (most were in favour) and some other people were asked if they were in favour of "reducing the voting ...
game vs slam flip psychology
I think this has more to do with the size of the perceived downside. If your game doesn't make then you are -100 vs -140. If your slam doesn't make you are -100 vs -650. This is similar to how most people will gladly take a bet with ...
How do you rule ?
Neither North nor East knew the double was for penalty at that point.
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