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James Lawrence
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Sept. 29, 2011
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about me

Club player and EBU tournament director.

"minus1100" on BBO, a name I occasionally live up to!

In real life, I am a professional data scientist.

United Kingdom

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5HX-9 NV. Maybe that isn't an accomplishment...
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How Not To Fill Out a Convention Card Part 1
Sure, they can pass 4NT if they want to. If anything, that makes it more of a LA right?
How Not To Fill Out a Convention Card Part 1
If 5 is a logical alternative, isn't 4NT as well (presumably showing you are playable in diamonds in the context of a gambling 3NT opener)? The UI suggests 5 over 4NT (since partner might well pass 4NT for a comically bad score) so that would suggest your ...
I have found this tends to vary according to the kind of bridge I am playing: if I am playing online then I will visualise opponents' hands in newspaper layout, since that's what's in front of me. Playing face to face, I tend to visualise using "actual cards ...
Opening pass out of turn when pard is the first to bid
Whoever expected them to agree? This is what TD's are for.
Am I overthinking ? Opening lead choice.
in fairness, "automatic" can mean "unthinking" as well as "obvious"
Just tell them.....
When consulted by a TD on a judgement ruling, just tell them what you'd play
Is my 1!D opening legal (EBU)
You only have to modify it in 1st and second seat (but perhaps you have an alternate meaning in third and/or fourth anyway)
Is my 1!D opening legal (EBU)
John, the key words there are "within those constraints". That means the constraints still apply, and you can't use an argument along the lines of "I'm playing Precision, it's a common system" to avoid your obligations under 6C1.
Is my 1!D opening legal (EBU)
In case anyone was wondering whether the two regulations quoted above are complementary or overriding, the header to the BB makes this very clear: 5.E.2.(d) A partnership may not agree to open at the one level on hands weaker than as allowed by 6C and 7A3.
Is my 1!D opening legal (EBU)
7A3 refers to an opening bid of one "in a suit" — NT is not a suit.
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