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James Lawrence
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Sept. 29, 2011
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about me

Club player and EBU tournament director.

"minus1100" on BBO, a name I occasionally live up to!

In real life, I am a professional data scientist.

United Kingdom

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5HX-9 NV. Maybe that isn't an accomplishment...
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Argine's 2/1 feels unfinished.
That's not so bad, one of the earlier versions of Bridge Baron thought weak twos were forcing...
Director call vs. fun
I work in Westminster. The police presence there is definitely more than 5% and is not at all unpleasant.
Director call vs. fun
My personal rule is that it's when it's possible to tell what card has been named (so "K---" is enough to name the king unless there is a possibility declarer was saying "cover", but "f---" could be four or five.) I don't want to let obvious slips ...
Need help defending against Precision 1!D
Fair enough Chris, but there are a lot of people out there who will respond 1 to 1 holding say Jxx/QTxxx/x/Qxxx, but swap the red suits and they'd pass a 1 opening.
Need help defending against Precision 1!D
1NT Raptor definitely has merit, but you don't need to X with the balanced hands. 1 is functionally forcing so you can generally pass them and double the next round for penalty. In some of my partnerships we are allowed to pass balanced 19 counts over 1 ...
Do bridge paradoxes exist?
The small slam. The size of the gain matters as well as the frequency.
What are the ruling principles here?
Even though the double of 7 might have taken more than a few seconds, it should be compared to "normal tempo", i.e. the length of time that player would have taken with a "normal penalty double". That is unlikely to be only 5 seconds in this auction.
Who should have done something else
... because it didn't show them
Who should have done something else
What's the problem here? We expect the K to be off in light of the pre-empt so slam isn't great. (This was posted with an earlier version of the hand where North's A was a small one)
A most Singular beer card
I seem to recall someone having made a joke bidding system that required you to bid 2 at your first opportunity if you held a singleton beer card. At least in this case that wouldn't have been totally absurd!
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