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YAC (Yet another claim)
Nedju, I think you need to reread things. Declarer didn't show his hand and ask how many tricks he was taking; he showed his hand and stated that he would take 13 tricks. He has no way of knowing that. This is conclusive proof of an aberration.
Is there a trick to lose
Why should declarer in my example be allowed to be coached by the director that he needs to play the A before the K?
Is there a trick to lose
I don't see how that matters. In my example, the defenders aren't claiming that declarer doesn't have 9 tricks, but rather that he might mess up his entries and fail to take them. Why should claims of top tricks be subject to different rules about what constitutes ...
Is there a trick to lose
We don't know anything. We don't know that declarer wouldn't have revoked if the hand had been played out. The law does not require us to know that declarer would have gotten it right. But if the word "normal" in the law means anything at all, it ...
Is there a trick to lose
1. This is technically true, in the same sense that it's doubtful whether declarer thought the queen of diamonds was good in my example. 2. I know what the law says. The point I'm making is that the laws did not intend the word "doubtful" to be used ...
Is there a trick to lose
This is a dangerous line of reasoning. The argument appears to be: 1. Since the declarer didn't mention the J, it is doubtful whether declarer knows that the J is not good. 2. Since it is doubtful, we may assume that declarer does not know. 3. We may therefore ...
Is there a trick to lose
I can also easily say that the sky is red. Plenty of thoroughly unreasonable things can be done easily.
Is there a trick to lose
The only thing we know about East's intended line of play is that he believes it's 100%. Therefore, he is not intending to finesse. If the director actually imposed a line involving a finesse, that is a clear abuse of power.
Calling all probabalists!
I agree that it's a guess in the given situation, but I think that method ignores a slight complication here. It isn't quite true that we can be completely blind among the JT9. What are you going to do if RHO plays the J at trick one, then ...
An unethical behavior (in my view) happened at a regional - what should I do?
Tell a director, and have the director go look at the pro's scoresheet. If this guy was actually dumb enough to write down your result on a board that he hasn't played yet, you've got your proof. If that fails, I don't think there's much ...

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