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Jan Jansma
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July 19, 2016
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Feb. 20
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about me

I compete in bridge tournaments around the world have been fortunate to represent The Netherlands on multiple occasions. I have also written a number of bridge articles for IMP and other publications.


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EKCB in Opener's Suit??
After 1-2-2-3-3NT, partner is marked with a singleton , so 6 might be too high already. A 4 slamtry is the marked bid, but when partner then cuebids 4 (denying the A, a simple 4NT will let partner show 3KC, making 7 ...
South had a value-showing Double after 2S, and a pass after 4D
No agreement
+790 for NS. East should have known better after such an auction And NS did simply nothing wrong
Double dummy
Dutch Spiral
Thank you, Debbie. And regarding the NLHB, Allen Frank (the second person to reply) mentioned it as well. I answered your question there
Dutch Spiral
I think you are right, Michael. Never thought of this as I am so used to playing NLH. Maybe LHB is better.
Dutch Spiral
Hi Michael, from my notes with Zia: After: 1m - 1♥ 2♥​​ - 2♠​ = Relay 2N​ = 4♠ ​​ (Now 3♠ by opener is NF) 2N, as showing 4spades is not something I came up with. So this is now: “Dutch Spiral with a Paki twist”. Hi Hamish, we often support on 43(15 ...
Dutch Spiral
I am glad you noticed this so quickly, Alan. So I could write HERE: After 3♦: 3♥ asks for unstopped suits (and indeed that gets us past 3NT if opener has the minor unstopped), so there only: 3♠ asks for a stopper in the unbid minor However: in the last ...
100% with you, Marion. I really considered FN (especially Fulvio actually) good friends of mine, but after finding out what they did to our magnificient game, I now don’t even want to be seen in the same room with them any more. It was disgraceful what they did, and ...
Make 6!S
Two rounds of trumps. Then three rounds of clubs. If South follows suit, North will have 3+ diamonds. So it is safe to play diamonds now (and ruff a diamond in dummy if needed). If South shows out on the third round of Clubs, he will be 1642. So discard ...
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