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Jan Kamras
Jan Kamras
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Sept. 21, 2011
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July 14
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EBL President. WBF Hon. Secretary.


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Swedish Team Champion 2010; Cavendish Teams winner 2013.
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Confession of a Self-Kibitzer
Mr Luna. Then let someone who has been involved with the investigations and prosecution in real life, at the highest level, explain. The difference is HUGE. Many hundreds of hours of (unpaid) work by several persons in the sponsoring organization and elsewhere, and EUR 50-100.000+ (depending on appeals etc ...
When Is It Good To Raise Partner's 1 Major Response With A 3 Cards Support?
I am curious to know what you, Wendelin and Tyler rebid on QTx, KQxx, AQxxx, x ? If 2D, aren't you concerned about playing in a 5-1 D-fit rather than a 4-3 or even 5-3 S-fit, when responder holds a non-invitational 4=3=1=5 or 5=4=1=3 ...
Why Zimmermann should not have won the Monaco Winter Games
Without pretending to be at the level of MR, KW, GH et. al., is it not possible that their different opinions stem from their interpretation of 3Kl? If it is just a "courtesy raise" then pass is obviously (at least) a LA but if, as KW assumes, it is invitational ...
Lanzarotti in Monte-Carlo
The EBL will take several steps at the venue of the EWG to mitigate the risks. To name some, all staff must sanitise their hands before handling boards, cards, bridgemates etc. and every table gets a full set of boards each match, so cards are not shared.
2019 Open European Championships Thread
Hi Steve. We don't publish such details and the structure varies from contract to contract, but often the venue and staff accommodation is provided by the local host.
2019 Open European Championships Thread
Let's look at facts: 1. Without Turkish or Junior discounts the Open Series early bird package, including the Teams and Pairs competitions guaranteeing 8 continuous days of play, costs €1.440 for one Team and two Pairs entries. That is €360 per person. 2. If you get knocked out ...
2019 Buffett Cup
I heard of this "world's highest top-level event" for the first time a couple of days ago by accident.
Joining the choir in congratulating the winners but must also congratulate my friends in the runners-up. What a season, especially for the twins!
2019 European Open, 15-29 June, Istanbul
Henk, Donald At the time the contract was signed with Opatija there was to be a new venue which, in addition to the sports hall where the ETC 2014 was held, would have been large enough. Alas, the project was delayed, and staying in Opatija would have meant ...
New bronze medalists from Opatija
First of all I sincerely apologize to Jean-Charles for contents of a private conversation having reached the public domain. They originate from an internal email I sent to my colleagues on the EBL board, and was never intended to go any further. I believe Jean-Charles knows me well enough to ...

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