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David Carlisle's bidding problem: J5 AK65 AK6 AKQT
And the range of 1NT was?
Liam Milne's lead problem: 9732 KJT9762 --- Q5
I wonder if John Lowenthal would lead a trump. Im testing his idea.
Disappointing Responses to Bidding Problem-Posted on 8/12
Or when opps come in and you can not play a forcing pass (can you?) as you could if the balanced hand is 22-24.
Disappointing Responses to Bidding Problem-Posted on 8/12
That is what Gawrys did in the final set in Chennai with Txxx T J9xxxx Jx. He did play Muppet (I think) and the reply was 3H (no major) so he closed his eyes and bid 3NT. Kluk had AQx in diamonds and luckily for Poland, the king was singleton ...
Liam Milne's bidding problem: AQ7 Q4 AQ985 A96
No shortage? So 3145 with a good hand, must pass or bid on?
Grosvenor Gambit & Frederick B. Turner
Thx a lot Ed!
Grosvenor Gambit & Frederick B. Turner
Thx a lot John, for putting this up here!
Grosvenor Gambit & Frederick B. Turner
The article aout Mr Grosvenor is a true master piece. Not just the story, but the language and how it is written is fantastic. I always tell the swedish youth to read it. So far no one complained.
A puzzle solved
In Stockholm (1983) Vivaldi overcalled 1NT with 19, while Weichsel doubled.
Jan Lagerman's bidding problem: JT84 A2 K6 KT872
Yes, even if I like Richards suggestion of 4, I personally think 4 is even better IF North understands it. Admittedly this is a big IF.
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