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Jane Eason
Jane Eason
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May 23, 2014
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about me

I began my bridge playing life as Jane Knapp, playing in Memphis, TN, Nashville, TN, and Summit, NJ.

In the mid-seventies, my husband Bill Eason and I played tourneys in New York and New Jersey. And we enjoyed home games and strong team games with our best friends, Bob and Linda Sartorious, plus many other wonderful bridge-playing friends in the area. On any given night, our 2-table home team games included several national champions. And we never missed the New Jersey Double K. O.'s at Essex Bridge Center, where, teamed up with the Sartorii, we played long matches against some of the strongest players in the area.

Besides Bob and Linda, our favorite team mates were John Rengstorff and Billy Erickson. 

During a 20-year absence from F2F duplicate, I played on the Microsoft Zone as jobanjo. And I currently play with bots on BBO as MawJ.

My bridge jobs include directing club games in Summit, NJ and Memphis, TN,  off and on for 50 years, and proof-reading a couple of World Champion Books and one Bridge Encyclopedia, under the direction of editor Henry Francis. 

Bill and I currently live on a farm in north MS, near Memphis and the ACBL, where we have a dog, a cat, two horses and a mule.

Other hobbies include genealogy, online word games, driving my mule, horseback riding, and dining out with long-time friends, the Oshlags. 

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Best memories are traveling with friends to tournaments, and sharing post mortems at the end of the day--especially those serious bridge discussions with Bob and Linda Sartorius and the hilarious stories shared with Bob and Jane Teel. Participating as a tap dancer, a song writer, and the chief dialogue writer in skits put on by Memphis Players at Memphis Regionals and a New Orleans National. Having Alan Truscott put some of our fun hands in his New York Times column, when we lived in New Jersey (One was making 3SXX on a 3-2 fit, in a National LM Women's Pairs)
Bridge Accomplishments
2nd Fall National Mixed Senior Pairs, 8th National Life Master Women's Pairs, 1st Mexican Nationals Women's Pairs, 1st to make Life Master on Microsoft Zone (jobanjo), 4th in a 10,000-table, BBO daylong free tourney, winning 10 points with robot partner for section 2nd, 2400 tables in the first Online NABC Individual, wining over 95 points and 3 flight A events in a regional with my husband, winning all the events at a couple of sectionals with various partners. Being one of very few women to win a Men's Pairs when the director recruited me to fill in the movement. (Being a woman, I was ineligible for the trophy or overall award.) Being featured in several of Truscott's Bridge articles in the NY Times.
Regular Bridge Partners
Mostly with my husband, Bill Eason, but also, Brent Manley and Jack Hudgins. (Favorite women pds in another life were Linda Sartorius, Sherry Maxwell, Dee Adams, Dorthy Francis, Ellen Siebert, Teddy O'Brien, Nancy Schwantes, and Becky Rogers)
Member of Bridge Club(s)
M. A. Lightman Bridge Club, Inc., Memphis, TN, BBO
Favorite Tournaments
Any US Nationals I was lucky enough to attend, the Mexican Nationals, Free BBO online daylong tourneys with thousands of tables, and the huge sectionals and regionals of yesteryear.
Favorite Conventions
Multi 2D, Spiral, Rousinou leads, 3rd and 5th best leads, J, 10, 9 = 0 or 2 higher vs. NT, uda and some udc.
BBO Username
MawJ (Originally jobanjo, but I was unable to sign on using that name as BBO claimed it was taken. And it was. By me.)
ACBL Ranking
Emerald Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
October 2018 "Bulletin" Letter to Editor on Teaching Method
Oops! Misspelled Bayone. Is there an edit button somewhere around here?
Teachers, I could use some help
Interesting, Steve. Thanks for the suggestion.
Teachers, I could use some help
By the way, when I asked for interesting hands, a couple of people mentioned two of Pavlicek's hands, where 3S and 3NT could be made by both directions. I think my students would enjoy seeing them, whether or not they would be suitable for my intermediate lessons. Do any ...
Teachers, I could use some help
ACBL has a collection of celebrity lessons on their website. One of my favorites shows defenders how to count distribution on a hand, using clues from the bidding and play, before playing to the first trick. I've enjoyed using this hand for a mini lesson before a game and ...
Teachers, I could use some help
I agree, Jeff.
Teachers, I could use some help
I'm currently teaching an intermediate class on play and bidding. We are working on thinking about one defenders' hand, with clues from the bidding or play. It is easy to construct hands where the declarer has to pay attention to one opponent's distribution in order to play a ...
Teachers, I could use some help
I like the hand-sharing idea. I recently tried to post a request for interesting hands on this forum, but the post ended up on the open forum, where I got some interesting hands to use in my current class and for future more advanced ones. If a hand could be ...
Jeff, it's not off the table. I'm considering teaching a Taste of Bridge in two evenings, or LBIAD, probably in January.
What I am trying to accomplish here
Agree. Good partnership skills are among the most important concepts we teach.
What do you make of this?
I don't make anything of this player's attempt to rescue himself from what is probably a disastrous situation. I assume that if he were doubled in 2C, he would have bid 2D. I assume that with five spades, his partner would have run before the auction got back ...

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