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Aug. 17, 2011
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Oct. 25, 2015
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10 weeks
Pardon some nostalgia, but one of the posts above reminds me of my favorite Victor Mitchell story: One of my favorite early partners and one of the nicest persons ever to grace a bridge table was Beverly Bluth. She was very talented but didn't know all the "stars" of ...
Poland should not have played in the Bermuda Bowl.
I don't think it is wrong to like or admire Robin Hood because he stole from the rich but gave to the poor. Likewise, Edward Snowden because he revealed secrets in an unlawful way to achieve some justice for those who had their privacy invaded in violation of at ...
Poland should not have played in the Bermuda Bowl.
Wasn't there a movie and play called "Taint your Bandwagon"? Oh, maybe it was actually named "Paint your Wagon". (Has a catchy song I can't stop humming: "I was born, under a wandering star-r-r-r".)
The Alan Truscott Award
Thanks to the many that have contributed to bridge this year in various ways; Vu Graph, tournaments, the Investigations... are just some of the efforts made better by such efforts and at times sacrifice... ...Jan Martel and Kit Woolsey come to mind, and likely there are folks whose names are ...
Bridge Podcast - on cheating scandal. Guest Speaker Ishmael Del'monte
Thank you for Podcast very nice. The "how lucky they are" compilations... FS and FN 90% 94% and "average WC expert" 58%.... can this list be published or reviewed somehow by interested parties?
Bridge Podcast - on cheating scandal. Guest Speaker Ishmael Del'monte
This in NY time is 4:30 AM
Jump-Starting the Process
Giving due consideration to the proven great difficulty in making a convincing cheating case from a small set of deals, it seems sensible to allow evidence from other deals at other events be allowed as background supporting evidence. These other deals may be at events not run by the "ACBL ...
Devil's advocate
You allude to an interesting dynamic, Tom; maybe Dr. Larry can speak to it. For most cases of sophisticated cheating by good players, there is a certain mindset at work as well as great intellectual ability to play, and analyze, and presumably think out the consequences of blatancy as well ...
Devil's advocate
Why are so many folks seeing the KQJTx and Kx as a real example; or "seeing it" on VuGraph. It didn't happen folks! It's a hypothetical example of when you may have info suggesting a lead works best but would be unable to select it because it ...
Catching Cheaters
-Peter: Doesn't not leading a suggest partner does not have 1 or 2? Doesn't not bidding 2 or suggest partner does not have 4 clubs (and Q) with a biddable diamond suit? One might therefore presume partner is most likely to have exactly three clubs ...

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