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Help needed with a player upset with a director's ruling
I'm absolutely surprised by a lot of comments and the way they are justified. NS must be punished because they wouldn't have respected the instructions of a TD about the way their system must be explained: ok, why not, but in this case (and M. Kit Woolsey said ...
Help needed with a player upset with a director's ruling
I dont understand anything to this ruling and it's one of the most crazy things I've ever read. Except if the purpose is to punish NS from old facts and bad behaviours (which seems to be part of the decision and which I may understand), what's the ...
Jean-Charles Allavena's bidding problem: 5 KJ876 A643 Q53
Iagree that Pass of my partner is not forcing at all. Then my Dbl is showing points with certainly 5H... decision goes back to him.
Jean-Charles Allavena's bidding problem: 5 KJ876 A643 Q53
To the huge majority who bid "Dbl" (what I did at the table), could you send some comments about your vote? Is it : I'd like to play 4Sx if you have S dear partner? But in this case, why didn't you Dbl dear partner, or what would have ...
Jean-Charles Allavena's bidding problem: 6 KQJ87654 A8x 6
Sorry, made a mistake when typing.. this is a 4H opening, nothing more. the hand has ADx in Diamonds, not A8x.
when you, as opening bidder, have a 3-suited hand, you have shown two of them, and responder bids 4th suit forcing in your 3rd suit. What to do?
My first strong belief is that bid 1NT with this hand is much better than the "classical" 2C. Of course you may play 2S in a 5/1 fit (1D-1S-1NT-2S), which is not necessary worse than 2C or 2D in a 4/3(1D-1S-2C-Pass or 2D), but it's sure ...
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: AKQJT --- A9862 AQ7
The different comments suggest four things : * the first one has no reason to be treated, and concerned the "not established partnership". I agree that it's a problem at the table, but here it shouldn't. * the second is the technical situation. In our french bridge today, 3D is GF ...
Jean-Charles Allavena's bidding problem: JT9xx AKQx Jx Kx
Some of you will be surprised, but nobody among the voters chose the bid produced at the table by our opponents. Would the panel be in default of imagination??!!
Jean-Charles Allavena's bidding problem: KQ2 AKQ54 K4 A54
Patrick, 4h are clearly denied by opéner. 3H are really possible for two reasons : we dont bid 3H with 3 small, and 3H is à positive bid. Which means that with 3 small cards and/or minimum hand we start with 2s and support h later.
Jean-Charles Allavena's bidding problem: Kxxxx xx --- AKQTxx
I dont think that Pass would be forcing. 6D is probably a "terrorist" bid, but sometimes terrorists have enough to win 6D!!
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