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Bridge simulation software.
For Double Dummy Simulations, I use "Deal", provided freely by Thomas Andrews (see It uses TCL language, which appears IMHO not easy to use at first glance. But the few examples provided by Thomas Andrews are very helpful.
Bob Okker's bidding problem: KQ3 AKJ J9 KJT87
Pass at IMP but I would be tempted to double at Matchpoints.
ATB - duplication
- 4 is a little bit optimistic but reasonable IMHO - after hearing 4, South, with 15 HCP, an undisclosed fifth trump and good trumps, has to accept the slam proposition and bid 4. - after 4 4 seems automatic. - bidding 4NT without the club control is strange ...
Long Hesitation
if 2 was GF, then Pass is not a LA. If 2 was forcing (but not GF) or not forcing, then Pass is a clear LA.
Forcing or not?
In the french system, 2 is "third suit forcing", and may be not natural. On this bid, 2, 2NT and 3 are weak and can be passed. But if responder bids again, this is GF. Other bids by opener (i.e not 2, 2NT or 3 ...
Rajeev Jog's bidding problem: KQT6432 6 Q42 T7
Looking at my hand, double from partner can't be for penalty, so it is probably extra values. But without looking at my hand, I would have serious doubts about the meaning of that double, for it is useless as takeout : penalty or extra values?
Bad Judgment or Bad Luck?
After 1-2, do you invite at Matchpoints with South hand? Not sure... After 1, will you invite with a direct 3 bid with the North hand? Really not sure...
Stefan Olausson's lead problem: A9876 A8 43 T932
Playing bridge for money with robots as Partner? You should try Russian roulette, that looks safer...
Conceal the Spot
Good article as usual, thanks! A simple question : if North passes (instead of bidding 2NT,) what is the correct bid for East : Double, 2NT or Pass? I don't feel it is an easy choice.
Barry Buehler's bidding problem: AJ942 8 5 AT9872
With no agreement, that should be natural... So 7. But the absence of bids from opponents is strange with a huge 12 cards diamonds fit. maybe diamonds are 6-6 ?
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