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Jean-Christophe Clement
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Jan. 18, 2014
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June 25
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Ruling & whats do you think is the best
I suppose the NT range was not 15-17. I think it's a good bidding problem after a 1NT opening. After 1 opening, and if 2 had been correctly explained and understood, I wonder what the complete auction would have been. I have absolulety no idea on what ...
Nuno Miguel Marques Sousa's bidding problem: Q8765 AT63 --- KT96
On this auction South will probably lead a trump, shortening the dummy ruffing power.
Thomas van der Hoeden's bidding problem: 5 A876 763 AKJ53
Partner is probably 5=1=3=4 and 5 might be better than 3NT. But I'm with the majority (100% for the moment!)
Barry Plotkin's bidding problem: KT32 A842 KT52 A
I'm with the majority but surprised to see no votes for 1NT, especially at Matchpoints.
Plan your play@matchpoints
I'm not sure I need to unblock the K, and I agree with Richard, I can't be sure about the T location. On the heart return, I play the Ace, because I may endplay West after having played all my spades winners.
Ho Yee So's bidding problem: AKQJ6 6 QT2 KT96
Pass at IMP, but tempting to double at Matchpoints
Plan your play@matchpoints
Spade to the King, and if ducked, spade to the Queen. And now I need to now what has happened
Scoring in Bridge
Just something odd about the hand proposed by RP: at double dummy, 6NT can always be made, whatever the two other hands are... So must 6NT be considered a better contract than 6? Hardly IMHO, it just shows that DD is just a distorsion of reality...
Gábor Szőts's bidding problem: 742 963 AT QJ872
Looking at opener's hand, I wonder what Redouble means.
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: K8762 Q3 KQ2 AK4
I agree with the first Pass which seems obvious. If after that, my next double is penalty, I might bid it at Matchpoints. But I'm not sure that double is clearly penalty...
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