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Jean-Christophe Clement
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Jan. 18, 2014
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Karl Junk's bidding problem: J43 AK73 94 QT64
Abstain because I wouldn't have passed with 10HCP at my second turn, even if there is no obvious bid (I think I would have bid 2)
What is this 5!C?
East has decided to play at the 5 level missing AK of trumps. He must have extras and clubs, a hand like x QJ975 Ax AQxxx. I think bidding 6 is a good bet.
Interesting Squeeze
It seems that a heart return at second trick kills the squeeze.
ATB, but I get the couch
Did West really bid 2? Maybe 2 is more plausible ?
Barry Dehlin's bidding problem: A73 AQJ83 Q973 Q
I voted 4 for many reasons : 1- I doubt we will get a good MP score if opps plays 3 2- 4 might make (3 is probably making) 3- white vs red, I hope opps will bid 4 and then I may obtain a good ...
Kevin O'Dea's bidding problem: AKQJ9 T632 T74 A
Pass.... and pray
ATB - Two suiter difficulties
if 4 is forcing, and I think it is, I have no problem with it.
Irony to the Fullest
This is the cost of redoubling 7x, which is already a very good score, and probably a top, if it makes.
Flight Plan
My flight plan is to start by the takeoff, i.e. opening 1. Then all dépends on the turbulences I will meet during the auction. Nonetheless, if the opponents remain silent and partner bids 1X, I will bid 3, forcing to game.
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: KT5 KQ7532 K AK3
Pass and hope partner will bid 2NT for minors? I'm just dreaming but what else?
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