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Jean-Christophe Clement
Jean-Christophe Clement
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Jan. 18, 2014
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about me

French player, I do love bridge but I'm not an expert. 

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Jack Spear's bidding problem: 432 T876 2 J8765
Pass now. But if partner doubles, I wonder if I bid 5 or Pass.
Stephen Henry's bidding problem: AT87652 --- 52 AT62
I might have bid 4 at my first bid... Here with 2 Aces, Pass seems automatic
Kevin Cline's bidding problem: J KQ98 K7 AQT983
I have voted for 3 which is 100% clear, but if I was sure to be understood by my partner, I would have prefered 4 (5+ clubs and a 4+ fit in hearts). Partner will be then better placed if opps bid 4.
Is this upgradeable?
If you play 1NT 14+ to 17, this is an obvious 1NT opening. And if you play 15-17, I believe 1NT will still be the majority choice
Is this X takeout or penalty?
I think I would double with a 1=4=3=5 hand... Which has no long diamonds
Is this X takeout or penalty?
Take out, short spades (explaining no double at first bid), with 4+ hearts and 4+clubs.
Michael Barel's bidding problem: AQ754 K2 --- AK9852
Giving 11 HCP to West and 8 HCP to East, which seems a minimum, partner has at most 5 HCP... Thinking about slam is optimistic at least....
How would you proceed?
I'm afraid of double fitted hands where 4 and 5 both make. So 5.
Bob Okker's bidding problem: KJT7 Q AQJT2 KJ3
K&R=18.15. With 7+HCP implied with the double, I want to be in game, even at MatchPoints. So 3NT it is.
What is 3D?
What about that specific hand : 2=5=2=4, 18-19 HCP, with concentrated values in hearts and clubs, and no diamond stopper?
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