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Jean Harings
Jean Harings
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May 26, 2013
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Yuan Shen's bidding problem: Q2 Q64 K975 AJT2
We didn't create a GF situation, so pass looks obvious to me.
Doug Bennion's bidding problem: AJ9 Q8xx x JT9xx
not that big none vulnerable..
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: AKQT76 5 K8762 7
4NT take out, not RKCB in my system. but my next 5D will be a slamtry
Joel Wooldridge's bidding problem: AK872 Q8654 K3 A
I would surely bid 3D but I don't know if 2S is played forcing. Look's like it.
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: 872 Q AK865432 A
2D, looks like a misfit. 2D gives west room to show his spadefit like bidding 3S showing 4 which will be great for me.
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: AQJ75 AKJ8 QT A5
redbl won't get much help from partner, pas may work better. I would have opened 2C, rebidding NT (22-23)
Jason Feldman's lead problem: 6 AT8732 K852 63
Partner didnt dbl on a heart lead, thats for sure, he didnt know 5S was coming. Both opp.(bidding on 5 level) might have a void in hearts, so ace of hearts is the most dangerous lead Partner must have overall values. Diamond lead stands out for me... but still ...
Jason Feldman's lead problem: 6 AT8732 K852 63
declarer doesnt have clubs, just one rather unlikely So club leads might only help declarer
-500, ATB
The double felt not fine (ODR indeed low) but with no specific agreement it would most likely should show some values, that's what I hoped it would. IMO, I have no clear penalty dbl, as some suggest (pas first, then dbl)
Appeal Pending in Schwartz-Cayne match
Probably the 2 imp decision is a result of some split scores. South''s 5 bid should cost some points.

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