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Jean-Pierre Rocafort
Jean-Pierre Rocafort
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May 23, 2012
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about me

French bridge player, coach and writer (newspapers, web-site, books); living in Toulouse, working in Meteo-France company, native from Catalonia, born in 1952.


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Bridge Accomplishments
1996 French Teams 2nd; 2001 French Pairs Champion; 2014 French Senior Teams Champion; 2014 French Cup winner
Regular Bridge Partners
michel claret, jean-marie py, catherine barthe
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Would someone run a simulation, please.
Erik's example is what i meant
Would someone run a simulation, please.
i presume your 1NT opening is weak. In order to avoid large NT rebid zones following 1D and 1H response, you may use the transfer rectification as showing a 3rd NT zone.
Different explanations in the middle of the hand - what now?
It's that simple: partner's comments are UI, opponents' comments are AI. A player is not entitled to know descriptions of calls made on the other side of screen, but if opponents deliberately tell him, it's AI.
A Bart Bramley Story
Were you allowed to use paper and pencil?
Open Call for Hand Creators
What do you want? Only hand diagrams? bidding sequences? Commentaries? Trick to trick play? The deals are to be played via the app by 1 player? 4 players?
Defense to 3!H Showing Both Majors
What i simply devised when once confronted to this bid: double= pseudo-balanced 4-4 minors 3S, 4C = transfer 3NT = to play
you may try this one:
Bermuda Bowl inter alia (perfectly open thread, as far I'm concerned)
You can correct the primary Butler using encounterd opponents'global performance: you may try google-translation to read french texts but i don't warrant the result!
Would you let 7!H stand?
i would have voted for "other" and am primarily upset by west's attitude. What he did is called a double shot: if opponents stop short of 7, he keeps quiet, if they reach 7, he calls for an adjustment. Board was made unplayable by next table player's comment ...
Any books on Moscito?
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