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Jean-Pierre Rocafort
Jean-Pierre Rocafort
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May 23, 2012
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about me

French bridge player, coach and writer (newspapers, web-site, books); living in Toulouse, working in Meteo-France company, native from Catalonia, born in 1952.


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1996 French Teams 2nd; 2001 French Pairs Champion; 2014 French Senior Teams Champion; 2014 French Cup winner
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michel claret, jean-marie py, catherine barthe
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Memphis NABC+ Appeals Cases
Case 1: declarer complained that South's thinking deceived dummy! Quite unusual.
Counter-Defenses to Defenses to our 1NT Opening showing Majors
as a generic defense, is efficient and still simpler as it ignores the meaning of the overcall.
Suit play
Crunch Time
Unscrupulous clients would quickly find the solution: they hire a cheat then make him the captain of the team.
Watching Videos of F-N from Opatija
If we are speaking about the same occurence, it was 2014 french Cup and if it's the same journalist, he gathered the videos on a web site which unfortunately is no more available but maybe they are stored somewhere. It occured that the authorities he showed them didn't ...
18-19 HCP for 2NT rebid - why?
"14.5, 15.5, 16.5, 17.5 is a 4 point range!" no, it's an interval the width of which is 3. Either you use the integer numbers, and you call it 15-17, or you want to be more accurate, and you use "real numbers" to evaluate a ...
18-19 HCP for 2NT rebid - why?
15-17 is not a 2-point range but a 3-point range. If you draw it on a continuous line, you will see that it covers the interval 14.5-17.5, while the upper 18-19 zone covers the touching 2-point interval 17.5-19.5, and so on.
-140 Esoteric
When it comes from 1C doubled, it's usually a good score.
Smolen over 2NT
As long as you adhere to smolen, with moderate hands you rely entirely on lengths in majors and not at all on honor concentration, and you are bound to end in 3NT with Jxx facing your x. It's a choice, not an inconsiderate choice but no more a paramount ...
how do you bid these hands?
You must be consistent. If you like using 2C in a preemptive way, you must accept that further bidding may be hazardous. Anyway transfer rubens advances are the right toy for constructive bidding following partner's overcalls. 1D 2C - 2D - 2H - 2NT - - - would be a lesser evil in this instance.
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