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Jean-Pierre Rocafort
Jean-Pierre Rocafort
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May 23, 2012
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June 2
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Bridge Player
about me

French bridge player, coach and writer (newspapers, web-site, books); living in Toulouse, working in Meteo-France company, native from Catalonia, born in 1952.


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Bridge Accomplishments
1996 French Teams 2nd; 2001 French Pairs Champion; 2014 French Senior Teams Champion; 2014 French Cup winner
Regular Bridge Partners
michel claret, jean-marie py, catherine barthe
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Delayed Viewing - Best of Both Worlds
i am playing in a 2-week friendly tournament in France. 16 matchs every evening playing the same deals (no kibbitz allowed), starting at the same time except for one which is broadcasted on youtube with a 30 mn delay. i thought the broadcast was delivered with the delay but it ...
Does this hand qualify for a bit of poker like approach?
Overcall 1S and when doubled in that contract, hope an imperfect defense will let it make.
Smolen Convention -- Is it used for 6-4 in the Majors?
Smolen is an available tool. When you think it will be useful, you use it. When you think another way will be more efficient, you do otherwise.
A story goes with it
This a recurrent theme for problem makers. See problem number 20, page 43, at if you are asked a password, it is: foussat
EBU regulations for online bridge
thanks, i didn't read the right document. i thought it was the link: regulations for online teams matches
EBU regulations for online bridge
These regulations adress some issues that can't be checked: distance and communication between teammates and is silent about some others: consultation of system notes, use of writing. Is it puposeful?
Thinking with singleton
Online, would not it be preferable if the software waited until your RHO had played, to simulteanously show you the 3 played cards? And the same in the biding?
Leaving the table as dummy
Quite often, especially when playing with screens, a defenser may want to get information and not to let declarer know what he is interested in. The goal is the same than the purpose of CC, but the information is not always available in the CC... and there is not always ...
Leaving the table as dummy
I can't understand how players can be negligent enough to leave the table. They are needed to take cards played from dummy and to answer opponents'questions.
Which is More Common
Partly because the question was not clearly formulated, partly due to errors. You may control the calculation and signal errors in this excel file:
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