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March 2, 2017
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about me

Since 1976 I've owned and operated bridge clubs in New York City. For the past four plus years that club has been Honors. We currently run 19,000 duplicate tables a year, but we are most proud of the dozens of classes, the now ten rubber bridge sessions, and the five games for players with fewer than 50 master points, that we offer every week. I'm 1st Alternate on the BoG representing Unit 155 and a member of Steve Moese's BOG Teacher and Club Manager Committee. My second beginner book "A Taste of Bridge" was just published by Master Point Press.

For forty years I tried in vain to find ways for our member clubs to work hand in hand with our local Unit board. Being so totally ineffective on a local level naturally discouraged me from seeking any political involvement on a national level till last year.  Our Unit is but a microcosm of what's happening throughout the country. The time is ripe for people with experience and ideas to step up. 

I'm encouraged by the feeling of a perfect storm on the horizon. Everyone seems to be buying into the need to find new ways to grow our organization. With so much talent and energy behind us, good things will happen.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Every hand where I get the better of it, or they do, through guile, stealth, or rarely in my case, brilliance.
Bridge Accomplishments
Forty unbroken years running a club in NYC and being directly responsible for bringing a large portion of those playing bridge today in NYC (and Florida) into the fold.
ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
KBA: Reflections on Learning to Play Bridge
If a bridge club does not offer either a teaching program or a novice game, then new players get thrown in with experienced players. Have you ever played tennis with a beginner? If you are an experienced player and your opponent can't return a shot your patience wears thin ...
Keep Bridge Alive
This is great. It is exactly what I was looking for. A slogan to rally our bridge community to go out and promote our game. TY
KBA: Reflections on Learning to Play Bridge
In eight sessions: Play first. Then play. Then a little bidding. Then play and then a little bidding. Have set up hands for the first several lessons where the auctions are based on 1S - 2S and 1NT - 3NT until they start seeing how cards work. Also, check out the learning ...
Keep Bridge Alive
This should be the ACBL's motto. Congrats. You think this up or has it been out there and I just never heard it?
KBA: Reflections on Learning to Play Bridge
I quote from "getting started", which I got from the first link above. "At this stage, terms and turns are spoken but the definitions are lost...It does feel overwhelming. The room settles as a briefing and a flipchart are used to demonstrate examples. I hear the names of Bridge ...
A different focus
I don't see there being "social" bridge clubs. I see social bridge as an integral part of any duplicate club. Honors has an afternoon section that's a combination of really strong partnerships, and pro-client pairs, where the client is a strong player. On any given day fifteen or ...
A different focus
I'll describe it and then we'll see if it could be modified for you.
A different focus
Sounds like we are on the same page. I'll talk about our use of EASY PASS in another post. It may be the missing piece we've been looking for. BTW: Check out for the online teaching site we give to our new students for six weeks ...
A different focus
Master Points are brilliant. Maybe not so much in the way they are awarded. God knows we keep tweaking the formulas. But the idea of earning something, even something that has no monetary value attached to it, is such a rush and continues to be such a rush for so ...
A different focus
Randy Chris, and others, 1. In point of fact, less than three years ago ACBL did threaten to revoke Honors' sanction over how we were running our club's rating point games. Ask Aviv. It took the interference of our district's BoD to calm them down. How would that ...

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