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Jeff Ford
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Jan. 8, 2011
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I helped write the new ACBL Convention Charts and now I'm working on updating the alert procedure. I've been on the ACBL Competitions and Conventions Committee since 2014. So basically I'm a rules nerd, and I'm happy to get any comments you have on possible improvements.

I learned to play bridge in grad school. Our department offered us free donuts once a week with the caveat that we had to stay in the common area while we consumed them. Someone taught us bridge as an activity to do while we ate the donuts (because unstructured socializing would have been just terrible) and I got hooked.

I still work full-time so bridge has to fit around that, but I usually manage to get to at least two of the three NABCs.


United States of America

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+1800 for only a 90% board
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Kim Eng, Chris Gibson, Ray Miller
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rules question
The only changes to the new charts I am aware of since their introduction was to clarify that purely destructive overcalls of artificial bids are not allowed on Basic/Basic+, and that things that require a written defense on Open+ also do on Open.
Is this call alertable?
Sorry, Sam, but there are enough negatives in that sentence that I'm having trouble understanding your meaning.
Is this call alertable?
Lee, under the current ACBL rules, I don't think pass or redouble as you describe them require alerts in either of these positions. In general I don't think pass or redouble to say "maybe let's play here" or "for sure let's play here" should require alerts ...
Is this call alertable?
I did not write the parenthetical as clearly as I intended. I did not mean that good directing was the cause of hard feelings. I meant that in the absence of good directing there are frequently hard feelings, and it's better to have a rule that stops that rather ...
Is this call alertable?
I will be happy to alert all of the things that my opponent's don't know once you give me the mind reading technology to know which things those are. Until then I much prefer to have regulations telling me what to alert. I certainly don't believe it ...
Is this call alertable?
I completely disagree with the notion that correctly following the alert procedure can ever be bad ethics.
Is this call alertable?
There are certain positions where the "not alert" in the ACBL rules is much stronger than "don't have to alert". It was felt that some pairs were abusing the alert mechanism to remember their agreements. (Yes, much of this could be fixed with good directing, but in club games ...
David Caprera's bidding problem: T8xx KQ9xx xxx x
I will vote for the call I made at the table. :)
Using Zoom to add the social back into BBO
The easiest way to avoid random people joining the Zoom meeting is to add a password to the meeting. The URL you distribute will include the password, so it's no harder for people to connect by computer. It's slightly harder for people to connect by phone. And no ...
Summer NABC Moved
My page is currently telling me that 19 of the 9 comments are new. :)

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