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Jeff Ford
Jeff Ford
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Jan. 8, 2011
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about me


I helped write the new ACBL Convention Charts and now I'm working on updating the alert procedure. I've been on the ACBL Competitions and Conventions Committee since 2014. So basically I'm a rules nerd, and I'm happy to get any comments you have on possible improvements.

I learned to play bridge in grad school. Our department offered us free donuts once a week with the caveat that we had to stay in the common area while we consumed them. Someone taught us bridge as an activity to do while we ate the donuts (because unstructured socializing would have been just terrible) and I got hooked.

I still work full-time so bridge has to fit around that, but I usually manage to get to at least two of the three NABCs.


United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
+1800 for only a 90% board
Regular Bridge Partners
Kim Eng, Chris Gibson, Ray Miller
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Sapphire Life Master
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Does Meckwell ever sleep on the couch?
After 1 - 1 - 1NT with 12+ do you bid 2N with both clubs and balanced hands? If so how do you untangle it?
Eric Sieg's bidding problem: Q97653 2 T84 J98
I passed, but it wouldn't surprise me if we have 10 tricks. Depends a lot how much partner has wasted in hearts.
That Moment When you realise the ACBL has no idea
Maybe it's supposed to take so long to look at the travelers and talk about all the scores there that you only have time for 12 rounds.
Have you ever discussed this?
I don't think you'll play bridge long enough to get to "next time".
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: Q53 QT852 A2 976
3rd seat opener + Drury bid definitely doesn't establish a forcing pass for my partnerships.
Rating Study from ACBL Tournaments
If the quality of the field is baked in, then why remove Senior / NLM / etc. games from the calculations?
Brad Rind's bidding problem: Q 965 K7 AQ87532
I don't hate 3, but I wouldn't pass.
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: Q74 832 KQT42 J3
I passed at the table. But after they played 3 undoubled I wondered if I should have shown more life. The full hand is at
David Hankins's bidding problem: Qxx xx KJxxxx Ax
Torn between 3 and 2NT.
A better rating system
The Common Game thing is not well communicated. I was associated with a club that did not want to participate in the ratings, so we were startled when the games started showing up there. The Common Game did start excluding our results once we asked them to.

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