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Jeff Ford
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Jan. 8, 2011
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about me

I recently completed six years on the Board of Directors for the Seattle Bridge Unit. I am on the ACBL Board of Governors and the Competitions and Conventions Committee. I also help manage and direct a once-a-week bridge club on Mercer Island. And occasionally I find time to play bridge too. Smile

United States of America

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Board of Governors Input on Tournament Staff Pricing
It's an "issue" with the bidding model that "Top-performing TDs may seek to have their value translate into higher base pay from ACBL." Wouldn't this be a benefit? The TDs who are doing a better job *should* be payed more.
ACBL Big Ideas - Augmenting Rank/Point Structure
The suggestion is that it's something that could be made visible, not that it already exists.
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: 6 54 AKQT54 Q742
I'm fairly confident that if 2NT was a transfer to diamonds it would have been listed among the options.
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: 6 54 AKQT54 Q742
3 is a club invite, same as 3 being a diamond invite. The both minors hand showing shortness is certainly rare, especially as compared to the size ask.
Overcalling a strong NT
I prefer to use the bottom end of the range as the trigger (usually weak is "could be 13"). This solves the problem with wider ranges that I likely want to have a penalty double available against.
Chris Miller's bidding problem: QJT542 2 K9 AK92
Why didn't I double the first time?
Everyone OK with access in here?
Given that this is a closed forum, I'm not sure how someone would know to tell you if they can't access it.
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: A3 A852 J854 Q92
This is in a Precision context. It is normal to open all 11 counts.
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: Q62 K9642 Q7 A54
I'm assuming 2/1 for this poll, but I'm quite sure in the article it was opened in a Precision context.
Eric Sieg's bidding problem: 2 T87654 AK A943
I think it was actually 6.

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