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Who's Buying?
You forfeit the beer card, if scoring the beer card is that important, then you demand the opponents cough up the diamond when both show out. You must set your priorities in order.
What does partner's tank suggest?
I think it more suggests that responders hand pattern is only 5 spades, without a club stopper and no second suit. Strength ciuld be a big variable depending on oartnership agreements. Ergo there might be more of a question of a follow up bid, if opener only had 2 spades.
Appeals and Pollees questions
Look for Past NABC's Polling Techniques, there is an explanation of how polls are to be conducted. It is right next to the Casebooks for previous NABC's.
Placing a whole heap of bidding cards on the table.
I have told this event before in another thread. Playing mps at a friday afternoon sectional in Portland OR about twenty years ago, I held Void AKQJT9 AKQxxxx Void in 4th seat the auction went p-p-p-7hearts passed out. Out came a diamond lead and ruff by my opponent. She held ...
Did the Director get it right?
If the player can identify other hands as well, and the director can confirm, then play should stop. However, there are times when a player says I have played this hand before, and if turns out not to be the case, therefore, play should continue until confirmation that the hand ...
Atlanta Thread: Not Results or Events, But Basic Info
You will be in Atlanta, I think Diet Coke comes in the water faucets, as oppose to hot and cold, it goes coke or diet.
Forgive this not being a bidding poll
Some play 2nt as GF looking for a source of tricks for slam. Ergo without discussion, could 3 spades be a how good are your spades?
Director's explanations on comparable calls
There is no need to appeal. Law 23C allows the director to change the result, if the director at the end of play, determines, the offending side has gained a favorable result that could not have been achieved without assistance gained from the infraction. (My paraphrase)
Unusual Pairings and names.
Olympia WA regional this month there was Crest/Fallen.
Critique this auction
How about North bid 3 diamonds? First chance instead of negative double.

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