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Jeff Rogers
Jeff Rogers
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Dec. 2, 2015
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about me

I took my first bridge lesson in '91 and got hooked right away. My only bridge accomplishment was winning the Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney(Nationally) in '93 in my division. Second from lowest since I was still a new player. Played after that more and more casually for a few more years, and then quit playing for 18 years.  I started back up just over a year ago after retiring.   Feel like I have a lot of catching up to do, but I love the game and look forward to many years of bridge enjoyme

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing against Jeff Meckstroth and Eric Rodwell as a novice player I held up twice on an Ace against Jeff to beat a contract. It was not a typical situation to hold up twice, but it was the only way to beat the contract. Eric Rodwell said "Nice Defense" Very nice memory.
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Sally Hale, my wife
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Ruby Life Master
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William Watson's bidding problem: 43 --- KT764 AQ6543
Thanks Michael. Wasn't sure if 3 was alertable or not. My partner isn't very sophisticated convention wise, and did not know what was going on. Couple of factors made me pull the trigger on the 5 bid. 1. South bid 4 with a heck of ...
William Watson's bidding problem: 43 --- KT764 AQ6543
I played this hand yesterday. North did not alert 3 and south jumped to 4. I bid 5 for 90%. They did explain the bid later,
Steve Fama's bidding problem: AK 93 J8 KQJT985
With 8 tricks in hand, a jump to 3 on the rebid wouldn't be unreasonable. Posting this bidding problem makes me think that you guys missed a slam that you think you should have gotten to...
Selena Pepić's bidding problem: A762 T8 53 KQJT2
If LHO raises to 2, I can compete with 2 if that gets passed around to me. I expect my partner will be able to read the situation as purely competitive, or at least that would be my hope. Any other bid by the opponents and I'll ...
Joe Crim's bidding problem: KJT53 KJT854 8 T
2NT-3-3-4NT-?-5 or 6 is how I would have bid this with my partnership agreements. Unless partner opened with 2-2 in the majors, we should end up in a 5-3 or 6-3 fit at an acceptable level.
Dominic Cooke's bidding problem: 9 AKQ43 84 T9864
2? That would be the part that's out of my comfort zone.
Jenish Shah's bidding problem: A3 A98 A632 AQJ4
Changed it...….
Paul Dalley's bidding problem: AQ8 J9 AKQJ752 A
3nt originally and then 5 if south competes would have been my choice.
Kieran Dyke's bidding problem: KQ KQ753 KQ9 AJT
Emanuel Evacic's bidding problem: KQJT9876 973 --- K2
I would have bid 4 spades right away assuming that's not meant as something else.
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