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Jeff Ruben
Jeff Ruben
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April 15, 2011
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2 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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Bridge Accomplishments
First in National 4-Session Swiss (1973), Third in UPC Senior Swiss (2009), Second in Bruce LM Pairs (2012)
Regular Bridge Partners
Andy Stayton, Andy Kaufman, Jess Stuart, Rick Rowland, Randy Berseth, Richard Morgen, Richard Popper, and the late Dave Treadwell and Ivar Stakgold
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Bridge Studio of Delaware
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ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Passed hand jump to 2NT
I play that over a major it shows a good 6-card minor, invitational. Over a minor it shows 11-12 hcp with no 4-card major.
RKC Q ask question
I know this isn't the question, but why not bid 4NT immediately over 3D? You can find out if partner's diamond holding is stiff, stiff ace, or void, find out about the queen of spades, and bid 6 or 7 accordingly.
Jeff Ruben's bidding problem: --- 98 AKJ9765 AK98
Jeff Ruben's bidding problem: --- 98 AKJ9765 AK98
Not that it makes any of the choices right or wrong, but here is what happened at the table: I figured that partner needed to have something good in hearts as well as spades for bidding 4S as opposed to 3S. I bid 6D, passed out. Opening lead was heart ...
Jeff Ruben's bidding problem: --- 98 AKJ9765 AK98
Sorry about that. I thought I posted the problem and then saw that it was still in draft so I posted it again, so now it is there twice and I cannot remove either of them.
bidding question
I would play it as lead directing. If partner has the red suits and enough to come in, he could have bid over 1NT. No point in making a penalty double since they will never play it there. The double would get us off to a good start against, say ...
RIP Ken Cohen
I don't know if it is legal to play certain bids only against certain players, but I always wanted to play Fishbein against Kenny.
Rating Study from ACBL Tournaments
Remembering My Dad
The headline in the Cleveland Plain Dealer that morning was "42 home runs for 141 singles."
James on Jeopardy TV show
He said that bridge is a great game. He also said that he is half the age of the next youngest person there.

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