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Jeffrey Tsang
Jeffrey Tsang
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July 15, 2014
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Nov. 24, 2016
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Bridge Player

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Champion, 2012 North American Pairs C (Chase Bonnette); 2012 Canadian U26 Juniors (Aled Iaboni); 2014 Canadian U26 Juniors (Ethan Macaulay); 2016 Canadian U26 Juniors (Darien Cozart)
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Out of the Box
Avon: I'm actually surprised the apocryphal prof even bothered reading the papers. As one prof who deals with P=NP puts it, the benefit to him is approximately zero (the chance of seeing a real proof), and all the work he is doing is just free factchecking for the ...
Out of the Box
+1. Considering that even stats PhDs have been known to screw up the Monty Hall problem (cf. Marilyn vos Savant's mailbox), I'm not holding my breath.
Out of the Box
Napoleon seems to think that he gets to choose which pieces of information ("I have a 5-card suit") affect the distribution of the remaining cards... and which ones ("there are 2 outstanding spades") do not. You have a Bayesian inference over absolutely everything you know about the hand. How you ...
Crowdsourcing Workable Definitions
That I personally use, and have seen it universally referred to as BUMRAP, not HCP. Specifically to distinguish it from HCP.
Crowdsourcing Workable Definitions
The symptom is a bid that asks for whether opener is "the normal description" or not. The cure as I see it is banning the "or something completely different" of the 1 open - which is the agreement that necessitates a control. I would say require all branches of the ...
Crowdsourcing Workable Definitions
>> If this is the aim then maybe it would suffice to disallow responses to a 1-of-a-suit opening bid that show game-forcing values but don't say anything else (or much else) specific about the hand. Game forcing responses are specifically allowed by a different line in the GCC, except for ...
The Element of Poker in Bridge
So you hold a balanced 21 count. Bog standard and quite a few precision pairs open 2NT, preempting the preempt, sure, but many will allow a 2 bid, either over a strong club, some form of 2, or otherwise. This is essentially a hand won or lost on ...
After a 1 H relay in Precision
We have a full symmetric-style relay system over 1-1-1 that caters to everything up to 55/64/known shortness, most 6+ single suiters and so on. It works pretty well as opener is still unlimited (slam range is likely), especially if your 1 positives already use ...
Defence to Strong 1!C
Easy proof: Suppose there are N sequences from A to B. Then to count the sequences from A to B+1, do the following - For each sequence, replace the last bid of B with B+1 (1 copy) For each sequence (which ends at a bid of B), let the ...
Defence to Strong 1!C
Partially mangled quote from Roy Hughes: "I know that with a transfer you get gains on constructive auctions and siding the contract [...] The reason you preempt is to take away bidding space. Bidding the actual suit takes up more space". Agree on the multi, its original purpose was to allow ...

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