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Jenni Hartsman Carmichael
Jenni Hartsman Carmichael
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Nov. 1, 2011
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about me

I'm mainly a director these days, but still get to play at the nationals and some larger regionals, on occasion.

United States of America

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Won the Mixed Pairs - 2016 (3rd, 4th twice!, 5th and 9th in other years - all with the HUMP), Won Red Ribbon Pairs - 1998, 4th in Women's Swiss, 3rd in Women's Pairs,
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Tom Carmichael, Bryan Delfs, and the Amazing Greg Humphreys
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Revoke confusion
Just like the situation with the OP, sometimes the revoke adjustment is a pure penalty. That's why the director in the OP said it's a good day when we just restore equity. People have made 7 off the ace of trumps because of a completely inconsequential revoke.
Revoke confusion
That's not true. The person who revoked did not win the trick even though his side took the trick. The only time it's a two-trick penalty is, essentially, when the offender has won the trick by ruffing it. In all other instances, it's a one-trick adjustment unless ...
Unusual UI Situation
The best thing to do in these types of situations is to fill out a player memo. At NABCs, there are multiple computers set up right outside the playing area to make it easier for players to put in the information. That's the best way we can track hesitations ...
Jenni Hartsman Carmichael's bidding problem: JT952 76 4 QT642
Hi everyone. While I appreciate all the comments about 2 vs x, this was an attempt at a poll for a ruling. I was not actually playing, nor was I there to educate about an earlier action taken. I found some newer players I could ask and then was ...
Jenni Hartsman Carmichael's bidding problem: JT952 76 4 QT642
Thank you :)
Jenni Hartsman Carmichael's bidding problem: JT952 76 4 QT642
I think that's coming down awfully hard on someone who doesn't have 200 MP. That's why I made sure to include that
Another Dream About The NABC
I was definitely trying to solve them. Usually I'd wake up confused and find someone better to ask what the right way to play it is.
Another Dream About The NABC
When I was playing bridge all the time (in my college days), I would frequently dream about suit combinations. Now I just dream about having quiet sessions (when I'm directing) :)
Clarification of Tom Kniest Hand
Hi Randy, I was the reviewer that day for NABC+ appeals. When we had player committees, I would've been called the "screener." Now that the appeals are handled by directors, I have all the duties that the screener did (talking with appellants and non-appellants, doing additional polling if necessary ...
Clarification of Tom Kniest Hand
That is not what was said. I may not have made myself as clear as I should have. What I said was: according to the poll that I took, the consensus was 7-10 seconds would be normal for this auction, given it's highly unusual nature. Longer than 10 seconds ...

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