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Aug. 11, 2015
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June 12
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1D or 1NT? My marriage is on the line...!
Well, not a huge sample, but sure looks like 1NT is quite a lot better.
Duplicate Poker
It can be done as HU live as well as online. I have the made the (simple) algorithm, but plans to make tourneys haven't come to fruition yet.
Anti-Doping Violation by Geir Helgemo results in Team Zimmerman disqualification from Orlando Rosenblum Cup
SHAME ON YOU What a disgraceful verdict ... what a travesty! NOT for Geir; but for the people who rigidly applied the anti-doping sanction rules for a drug that has ZERO percent chances of enhancing a bridge players performance. A few minutes of research will explain why this combination of drugs ...
Forcing Pass or not?
You can find a gazillion hands where you would be better off with pass being forcing here and vica versa. BUT ... why on earth complicate matters? A rule stating that: "an initially passed hand cannot make a forcing pass" will make life so much easier for you and partner
Vanderbilt Round of 16 Vugraph matches
Zagorin - Diamond. Who would want to miss a match with Fredin on a team...?
What card would you play now...?
EDIT: My reply to Kit below is wrong. I will, however, not delete it ... I am (EDIT: 'was)' convinced your argument is incorrect. Please enlighten me ... we agree on the following: West has J98 in trump, dummy has 10432, declarer's length is either four or five. It is unclear ...
What card would you play now...?
I am flat out wrong ... :)
What card would you play now...?
Well, you got a good point on this deal about dropping the K from KQ. And yes it is a 'play-the-player-problem'. But...! Under the following two assumptions (only partial met in the hand above)... IF 1) Opponents don't know declarers length (4(5)-4, 5(6)-3, 6(7 ...
What card would you play now...?
What card would you play now...?
Sorry. 1NT was the opening

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