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Jessica Brake
Jessica Brake
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May 31, 2014
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June 21
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Bridge Player
about me

Australian Women's Team (2020)

National Australian Women's Championship (2020, 2018)

Silver in World Youth Championships (u25 Girls 2016)



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Sydney Bridge Centre, Kings and Queens Bridge Club
Favorite Tournaments
Gold Coast Congress (Queensland, Australia)
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Non-serious 3S/3NT
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Question about 4th suit artificial game force
Susan and I play 4th suit by passed hand is just forcing for one round, usually an invitational hand with no easy bid. I also don't frequently open 10s, but would open this hand, with concentrated values, good intermediates, 4 cards in boss suit etc.
Board 21 - 19 May
I like how you started with a transfer and then bid clubs. When I showed heart support and then showed no spade cue, that makes your hand look great! After that maybe we can just keycard and sign off in 5H (which also goes down).
Board 28, 19th May
I like Helgemo's (I think?) auction on this hand, he bid 3H (forcing) and then 6C to try and find the best spot. I wouldn't consider 3S.
Bd 24 6th August
We also play 2NT as a game force without a second 5 card suit. I think over the 3S rebid I would raise to 4.
Board 26, August 6th, USA1 vs South Africa
I opened the South hand 1D, and we had an uncontested auction to 4S also going down.
Board 31 August 6 matches
I thought the South hand was too good for a simple raise with the void. I thought my choices were 2C cue raise and 3D (fit shoeing jump as I was a passed hand). I went with 3D and obviously this was not what partner wanted to hear, so we ...
Board 31 from May 14 matches
I chose to double as North which Susan left in, for a nail biting down one! What are people's thoughts bidding X vs 2H?
Board 25 (9) May 14 Norway vs USA2
Oops sorry!
This was my fault - I decided to pass with the East hand, but after partner overcalls 2D at vulnerable I should force to game, bidding 2H and then 3NT. It is a good contract but the defence to take it off seems quite reasonable, so maybe it was a "lucky ...
BB 2007 19 March Board 17
I responded 1H, LHO rebid 2C, P P to me where I doubled. I then passed partner's 2D rebid.

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