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Jim Breihan
Jim Breihan
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Feb. 7, 2012
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July 31, 2019
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United States of America

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Gold Life Master
Card combination question
Running Jack picks up stiff 10 and if RHO will cover with one of those hands as well, so does that tilt the odds in favor of running the Jack?
Play of hand
Seems hard to go down on that line
A double dummy problem - make 4!H
If they put you in dummy with a diamond, you can counter by leading spade to the 9, this gives you an entry to your hand and sets up 3 spades, 3 hearts, 3 diamonds once you finesse again and the King of clubs
Gerber or Clubs?
I agree, as long as you and partner are on the same page it can be whatever you choose it to be. I was curious how most people played this auction. At the table I thought it was clubs, but that wasn't how the opponents were playing it.
David Goldfarb's bidding problem: AK98 QJT9 86 A63
I remember this hand and I showed the majors
Jim Breihan's bidding problem: AQx J KQ9x Jxxxx
I was 4-2-5-2 with a 16 count and thought my bid was forcing but my partner thought it was invitational and passed.
How do you play the clubs?
what about void opposite KJxx with east
John Adams's bidding problem: KQ 2 QJT65 AKQJ8
I'm bidding 4NT and hoping to get to a game that makes. If partner has a good hand he can move forward, but if not, 5 of a minor may not make.
Jim Breihan's bidding problem: KQJ543 --- K987 J65
Obviously my bid didn't work out well or this poll wouldn't be here. I opened 1S at the table.
Lead against doubled 3NT
Partner bid spades twice then doubles, I'm leading partner's suit!!

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