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Jim Perkins
Jim Perkins
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March 16, 2015
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Bridge Director
about me

Off and on bridge player since mid-80s. Really serious again (as of 2013). Took 10 years off to play serious poker.


Current Partners: (Regulars) Jonathan Holmes, Yehudit Hasin-Brumshten, Basant Shah.


"Bridge is a game and is meant to be fun."


"In the entire history of poker, more money has been lost than won via the slowplay."

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Partner making +1430 while losing 3 tricks (Vul 1Dxx making 4). This after they went down 3 x'd and Vul prior hand. "We should be playing rubber, P." Repeating Vul 1Dxx making 4. Making +920 while losing 4 tricks. NV 1Sxx making 3. Seems my partners are always declaring these. Going minus 2720 on Valentines Day 2019 to nice ladies and sometimes teammates. ("Best Valentine's gift ever.")
Bridge Accomplishments
Winning 2016 Grand National Teams, Flight B; Besting 2 different teams headed by Billy Miller and Josh Donn in the same compact KO (but not winning anyway). Wining flight B in Friday Open Stratified Pairs with Yehudit Hasin-Brumshten at LA Long Beach Regional, July 1, 2016. Repeating with Yu at the Orange Co. Regional, winning flight B on Saturday Open Pairs. Winning over 100 MasterPoints in the month of July 2016.
Regular Bridge Partners
Jonathan Holmes; Yehudit Hasin-Brumshten; Basant Shah.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Barrington Bridge Club (West Los Angeles), Beverly Hills Bridge Club
Favorite Tournaments
any NABC; Palm Springs Regional; Ventura Regional
Favorite Conventions
Strong Club with transfer positives, Meckwell Structure over our 1NT, Celebration (10-12 NTs and Barron NT overcalls), Transfers wherever and whenever legal; intermediate jump shifts; next suit "mark time" asking for further description but not necessarily showing anything in particular other than interest
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ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Designing a better "Ecosystem"
I agree with Ray and suggest an agenda including 3 of our top 5 issues and add 2 after the meeting. Online meetings can be held via ZOOM and I have an upgraded account that will allow up to 100 participants in a meeting (another error from the trial and ...
What is this hand like? And how is it not like? But you cannot start unless you have the building blocks of like and unlike. And yes, when you start to break bridge down into building blocks the beginning is easy but after not too long at all the whole ...
I disagree. The subject has been the topic of probably over 100 volumes that detail various strategies from the simple use of position (finesse in bridge) to complicated squeeze positions. Some publications run to over 500 pages. I would answer your daughter's question in one word (for a beginner ...
I have videos. And vs. robot lessons to go with. LOL.
1D or 1NT? My marriage is on the line...!
As great a mind as Edgar was, the game has developed in the past 20 years.
First thing is if you walk up to me in the bridge club or at a tournament the truth is that I am not all that interested in a hand you played or a problem you faced. Sorry, but true. I don't really care so I am not really ...
Profitable For-Profit Bridge Clubs
Yikes!! Jeff. Ask some of your Investment Banking customers. A Super Bowl ad (along with Stadium Naming rights deal) is a big Sell signal.
Buffett Cup
Oh Mike. Are you trying to get me suspended?
Designing a better "Ecosystem"
Well thank you for that.
Profitable For-Profit Bridge Clubs
The clubs and teachers can learn from BBO. The BBO bots may be bad, but they never act superior, they never criticize.

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