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July 26, 2010
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Board 2 from the 06/20/2018 Common Game
At his 3rd turn N should bid 3S, not 3NT. This should result in a final contract of 4C or 5C. At our club we wound up in 5C down 1 (for a below average score).
Jim Phillips's bidding problem: A3 --- AKJ6 AJ86532
Jim Phillips's bidding problem: A3 --- AKJ6 AJ86532
"Pass" was the winning call. (unless you play a 3C overcall as natural and not a NT ask). Pd's hand was 9xx, 109xxxxx, Qx, 9. Clubs were Tx on left and KQx on right. So, with the correct trump smother, you make 5 Clubs.
RIP Bill Wickham
Bill was an outstanding player, a great/understanding partner and teammate, and, most of all, a good friend. He first got ill as our teammate in a local sectional. It was probably a misdiagnosis by a local hospital (who sent him home with a medication that produced an adverse reaction ...
Jeff Miller's lead problem: 73 JT8765 KQ6 63
Why would a competent Pd double 6H with a void?? When they bid on to 7S he can now thankfully double.
Jeff Miller's bidding problem: T32 85 T75 QT543
c'est la vie
Jeff Miller's bidding problem: A6 AT43 KQ6 7654
Want to punish Pd for opening QTxxx, x, AJTxx, Ax ?
Goodbye to Barry
What a loss! Barry was the most fun to play against (win or lose -- mostly lose) of any expert I have ever known (in 60 years of playing our game). Why is it that the very best seem to leave us so prematurely? R.I.P. my friend.
Size of CC in CC Editor
Thanks for the suggestions. But it's no big deal (pun unintended). I can compensate by copying 10% larger. Also, I'll try Firefox instead of IE and see if it solves problem in one step.

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