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Joakim Nordlindh
Joakim Nordlindh
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Basic Information

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Oct. 5, 2017
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47 minutes ago
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Bridge Player

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
7 club bid and made on 4-3 as only pair out of 250
Bridge Accomplishments
2017 Swedish Cup Champion
Favorite Tournaments
One that both players know
Favorite Conventions
Häxan (gazilli)
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Liam Milne's bidding problem: KQT8 K6 AK752 A2
4. with the right suit at trumph we also know if p have the Q. on 5NT we know if p got K (or enough extras to bid 7 himself). Looks like a pretty easy board.
Ulf Nilsson's bidding problem: KT753 A K86 K652
noone I have ever met plays the way you describe.
Is this "Reverse" Forcing?
The opening 2 is forcing
Was this ruling correct?
Anyone playing 2NT as NF here? Looks like South knowing about the missundestanding passed a forcing bid to avoid further disaster. If I cant suspend South for a couple of months, I'd at least give him a big PP.
Is this the correct ruling?
Yes. Om pretty sure it should be +1 (at least). He won the revoke trick when he ruffed the club. And he won trick after when he cashed a club. So 2 tricks should be transfered.
Incomplete explanation of an alerted bid
so 'Question about spades + pass' show a weak spade hand and 'Question about spade + double' show a good hand with spades, is that how i should understand the EW-agreement?
Strength Chart for Unbalanced Hands
Lol. Thats the exact opposite you told me. This Thead make so little sence
Strength Chart for Unbalanced Hands
so KQJT98 KQT987 2 - is a Avarage holding. Seems reasonable. And i dont understand why AK is ignored in long suits. AK in my long suit make the hand stronger not weaker. AKxxxxx AQ Kx xx is a "fair" hand in the chart, but Qxxxxxx Ax Kx AK is "Fairly ...
A Psych Story
If you play with somone that do not understand that he shouldnt bid 3 or 4 spades in this sequence. Then you shouldnt bid 1sp with this hand. 100% South.
Doubt over Subsequent attack
how did you come to the conclusion that the 2nd or 4th card from J72 is the 2?

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