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JoAnn Sprung
JoAnn Sprung
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Basic Information

Member Since
Oct. 18, 2010
Last Seen
4 hours ago
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Bridge Pro

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning Mixed Pairs with Danny, my favorite partner in bridge and life.
Bridge Accomplishments
Winner -World Mixed Teams, numerous national championships, Gold, Silver and Bronze world medalist
Regular Bridge Partners
Danny Sprung
Favorite Conventions
Good bad 2NT, Baron, Transfers over 1 Club
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Grand Life Master
Danny and JoAnn Sprung Multi
Transfers over 1!c Opening - 1!d unbalanced (always 5+)
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Janet Robertson - JoAnn Sprung
2 over 1
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Danny and JoAnn Sprung Non Multi
2 over 1 - Transfers over 1!c Opening 1!d unbalanced
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Betty Ann Kennedy - JoAnn Sprung
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Sue Weinstein
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Ken - JoAnn
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Mike Lucas
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Connie Multi
2 over 1 with Multi
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Maria - JoAnn
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Virus vaccine certificate
Is it your right to go to tournaments and expose others?
Virus vaccine certificate
Really Ralph? Let's see you need vaccine certificates (ex. yellow fever) to enter certain countries. One can show proof of the vaccination without sharing all of their medical records. Certain employers require drug tests and or a lie detector prior to hiring. Some require a background check. Some require ...
Cue Bids and Splinters, and Forcing Passes, Oh My
No - Yes - No
David Caprera's bidding problem: T86 A9 AKQ75 AQT
Buddy JS voted at the table by doubling. Of course I considered bidding 3NT but then I thought that if it is wrong it's really wrong. So double won out.
Plans to reopen
@Martin - " If the bridge club has been empty for a month (as it should have been) it is perfectly safe to enter it again." That's until the next person with the virus walks through the door.
Plans to reopen
Ellis I agree completely. Jonathon's post above implies that only one club had an issue. No way to know. What I do know is that there will be no f2f bridge for me until there is a proven vaccine or it disappears.
Plans to reopen
There is no way to tell whether bridge clubs contributed to spread before they closed. Some of our local players passed away in the last few months. We don't know whether or not they died from COVID.
Will B&M clubs be able to survive C-19?
@ Lee - "Bob: My experience with BBO has been very good. I think they have done an extraordinary job in terms of scaling up." Agree completely. Aside from a few minor hiccups the experience has been great.
The Conduct of BBO
Gary, well said. It must cost BBO a fortune for development of servers and software to accommodate the temporary player swell, additional clubs and events. In 6-12 months when/if things return to normal the demand will go down.
Goodbye Cosmopolitan, Hello Westgate
Yu if you disliked the strip you will hate the Westgate. Nothing in walking distance and most decent dining options are a bit of a ride. The hotel restaurants are pretty dismal. Plan on renting a car.

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