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Joe Hertz
Joe Hertz
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April 24, 2012
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about me


    • Designated TechnoGeek of ACBL Unit 218 (Northern Virginia). Where I come from, gcc is a compiler, not a convention chart.


    • I want to play against everyone. I prefer Stratified to StrataFlighted events. I wonder if I'm the only one who feels that way.
    • My least favorite event is whatever the Swiss is happening on the last day of a Sectional or Regional. If it's round robin, you're all but guaranteed to run into an opponent who is having a really bad day wishes they had gone home early. Good luck with that.


    • I'm 13-0 in team matches vs people who were booked when I asked about their if I ask you, please say yes.



    • I once had an opp compliment me on how nice I was about it when calling the director.


    • That being said, the first player memos I ever filed were on people who died within 2 years.




United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
A long shaggy dog story when I was a NLM, involving a whiny opponent when Jeff Roman jumped into the argument and showed me how the clowns would eat me unless I played A/X exclusively. Six months later, I wound up winning the D6 GNT-C, and immediately thanked him for slapping some sense into me.
Bridge Accomplishments
2010 GNT-C QF
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
Joe And Mike O
Walsh Style 2/1 GameForce
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Keeping the social aspect of online bridge
I'm in the process of setting up a Discord Server for our Unit so our members can stay in touch (Brenda and I have already exchanged server invites). We've already held a Unit BoD meeting on it. I think I've nailed a validation process down such that ...
Bidding Question: NMF
Have you established if opener denies 3 spades with the following sequence? "1-1-1nt-2*-2" If opener could have 4 hearts and 3 spades, then I wouldn't necessarily assume the 2 bid shows extra length. If you bid 2N here, you might find out he ...
Bidding Question: NMF
True. I did say it wasn't optimal. Just that it was simpler and required less discussion.
ACBL Spring NABC is Canceled
FWIW, one year on my GNT Squad, I know I was handed cash, received no 1099 form (the amount was less than the threshold for one). It's possible a check was made out to our captain and we split the proceeds (I did not ask), but one of our ...
ACBL Spring NABC is Canceled
Does intent actually matter? I mean, you get a 1099 form from a casino for your winnings, and last I checked (admittedly many years ago) losses from such legal gambling is deductible up to the amount of whatever you won, and getting lucky at a slot machine doesn't make ...
Second coronavirus death at the Colorado Springs bridge club
It won't be 6 though. It will be 60-600. This is not the way I wanted to save the social security trust fund.
Skype would help, but I can quite quickly come up with a few ways for a ch**ting pair to work around it, even if entire screens had to be shared between screen-mates. I'll refrain from mentioning them for obvious reasons.
Who would you invite?
Can't have both members of a partnership, right? So lose Fisher and add Andrea Buratti.
it happened one night
Probably but that should wait until the end of the auction. You don't do stuff like that. And this pair clearly knew that.
How should I alert this?
+1 for adding, "Not a precision 1 opener" either to the beginning or end.

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