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Joe Hertz
Joe Hertz
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April 24, 2012
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about me
  • Designated TechnoGeek of ACBL Unit 218 (Northern Virginia). Where I come from, gcc is a compiler, not a convention chart.
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  • I want to play against everyone. I prefer Stratified to StrataFlighted events. I wonder if I'm the only one who feels that way.
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  • My least favorite event is whatever the Swiss is happening on the last day of a Sectional or Regional.
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  • I'm 13-0 in team matches vs people who were booked when I asked about their if I ask you, please say yes.
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  • I have a severe hearing loss. My first duplicate bridge partner is blind. Our card's "general approach" box said "Bid No Evil". 
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  • I once had an opp compliment me on how nice I was about calling the director on them.
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  • That being said, both of the people I've filed player memos on are dead now.
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United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
A long shaggy dog story when I was a NLM, involving a whiny opponent when Jeff Roman jumped into the argument and showed me how the clowns would eat me unless I played A/X exclusively. Six months later, I wound up winning the D6 GNT-C, and immediately thanked him for slapping some sense into me.
Bridge Accomplishments
2010 GNT-C QF
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Bronze Life Master
Joe And Mike O
Walsh Style 2/1 GameForce
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Director, Please
Well let's say the diamond bidder had AQX and his partner has a stiff. It *is* a crazy agreement, right? At that point, the opps have an argument that the 2 bidder has stepped onto a landmine and had they known about the agreement's lack of length ...
Director Question - ignoring your system
It's completely kosher to have an agreement where the opener doesn't accept the transfer. 1N-2-3 showing a super accept with at most 2 clubs, for example. But you must announce the transfer since it's showing the 5 card major in this case. And partner must ...
Director, Please
What's their way of showing a real suit? A jump? If this is the case, the opps then have a good argument that a possible outcome, had they been alerted to it, would be 2DX down whatever.
Director, Please
Was the partner of the overcaller surprised his partner only had a 3 card suit? I'd hope so. That sort of agreement when the bid overcalled is the Strong, Artificial and forcing 2 is basically asking for a drink from the firehose. Which would likely make no such ...
Players moving before the round is called
I'm more worried about slow play than fast play. My rant is that you find people who are done but still refuse to move because their next table wasn't done with the round yet and they felt that had "no place to go", even if their next table ...
2 diamond bid weak
I reject the premise of the question. These opponents are supposed to be experts.they are expected to have an agreement on something that common
2 diamond bid weak
How's it unrelated? These experts didn't have an agreement over what to do over the auction that was explained to them? If they did, and followed that, then they didn't earn the result. But as it is, there's only so much sympathy I can muster for ...
Zero tolerance at club games (club directors' comments are appreciated)
I want a new option: South definitely over-reacted. East was whining but not to the point of a ZT. East is allowed to be surprised.
Bridgemates: Rules and Etiquette
True that. I had a pair last week play their boards out of order, and so opted to wait to enter their data until the end of the round. Caused us to panic with a minute left on the clock and we saw they "were still on their first board ...
Bridgemates: Rules and Etiquette
I'm generally in agreement. You shouldn't waste any time at all if other people are waiting. I'll enter the bridgemate data during trick one when I'm not being waited on. That being said, Craig's case is a good example of a worthy exception, but if ...

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