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Joe Pike
Joe Pike
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March 30, 2011
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Dec. 6
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Passing partner's precision C for a top, when everyone else was in an unmakeable slam.
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Life Master
a99 Richard Langland
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The Bridge Guys
What happened to their web page?
Law 45.C.4.b regarding an "unintended designation" (and its unintneded consequences!)
Thanks for the historical background. The (mis-)use of the description "player" and "partner" are more than confusing, and what led me to believe that this rule was intended to apply to the defenders also, similar to the allowance of a "mechanical error" in pulling a bid card from the ...
Peg Kaplan's lead problem: QJ QJ96 97 QJ542
Doesn't the HQ (or J) work just as well?
A slightly different approach then an amateur event.
You may be right on. I have no knowledge. But "never won one" wouldn't have to be the criteria. Perhaps there could be standard criteria established as ACBL norms, such as "non-winners of 5(NW5)" NW10, NW20, etc., and any regional could pick the one that is appropriate for ...
Rules question: Can you open this 2!C strong?
Steve, why do you say "11 HCP"? Both hands in the linked article show have just 10, and are deemed OK.
Is it time for ACBL Amateur NABC Championship?
How about the horse racing approach? One class of horse racing, allowance races (think regionals in terms of bridge), balances competition based on the number of allowance races a horse has won. A horse that has won three allowance races would not be eligible for a non-winners of one, or ...
Incomplete explanation
I disagree that you explained your alert properly, and your premise that doing so would have been lengthy, complicated, and intimidating to the opponents. How could telling your opponents that partner has D's, when in fact, by agreement, he might have no D's, be considered full disclosure? It ...
Prahalad Rajkumar's bidding problem: J3 A T984 AKJT54
I was close to pulling, but wouldn't the possibility of a D entry opposite 4 D's in pard's hand offer the possibility of an entry? So why play 4 or 5 C's if there is some reasonable chance for 3N?
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