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Joel Martineau
Joel Martineau
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March 18, 2011
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July 25
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about me

Joel Martineau remembers when Sputnik doubles were the freshest fashion and weak 2's cutting edge.  Both still excite him.  His book Hand of the Week: 52 Bridge Stories appeared in April 2018 and is reviewed in the August 2018 ACBL Bulletin.


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Penticton Regional in June
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2 / 1
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Joel 88
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Gold Life Master
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Falling numbers in Orlando
Some players here in western Canada are avoiding traveling to events in the USA due to discomfort with the political leadership. Some players from other nations probably feel similarly.
Vanderbilt Vugraph
Yes, we were fortunate to see the Wortel Team last evening. And I always like watching Vinita Gupta battle (and frequently best) the boys.
Why did you stop playing bridge in clubs, if you did?
I have a quite different view of club play. Here in Vancouver, Canada, club play is thriving. Much of the play has shifted from evening sessions to "morning games" that usually begin about 1000 or 1030, often schedule a lunch break when lots of socializing takes place, and conclude before ...
Dirty Hands
Yes, two very well written articles targeting a wide range of readers. Both writers, David Owen and John Colapinto, are listed as staff writers for the New Yorker and (I'm guessing) probably collaborated in researching their stories.
And Another One Bites the Dust
"Not only must Justice be done; it must also be seen to be done." Such a basic tenet of democracies.
We have a dying sport in our hands
Bridge will survive, despite the death grip of the ACBL. At some point -- which unfortunately won't happen soon -- the League will admit that the age-old Master Point system must be replaced. Selling widgets succeeds only while enough fools buy them. The vested interests that control the ACBL are afraid ...
Assign the blame - missed heart game
Tom, can you write more about "Cohen's look left look right rule"? I am not familiar with it and would like to know more. Where does Cohen discuss this idea? Thanks.
Assign the blame - missed heart game
While both players acted reasonably, both were overly cautious and therefore share "the blame." North, with 10 hcp and 10 cards in the Majors could have acted; she or he has quality in the heart suit and a descriptive rebid opposite all actions by partner. To pass seems too passive ...
Assess the blame (1)
In the good old rubber bridge days duffers lost more money by making silly 5-level bids than in any other single aspect of the game. South's bid, with a relatively flat hand and the club K, puts her or him in the duffer class.
Did you get my signal, partner?
Paul, your title for this discussion, the description, and your ensuing comments all imply that you feel East deliberately conveyed unauthorized "extra" information to West. If so I hope that you took up the matter with East. Several of your peers seem to feel that East is well within her ...

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