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Joel Shapiro
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June 28, 2013
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about me

Reasonably average player in Toronto who manages not to revoke too often.


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Silver Life Master
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What can Units and Districts Do?
One size never fits all. The problem with the above is the simple word "the", as in THE bridge centre. Am I right that in Mpls/St. Paul there is only ONE 'bridge centre' in each city that is affected (and reimbursed) when there is a local tournament? Won't ...
Long Ago and Far Away
I shudder to think what might happen if it ever becomes necessary to determine what the bridge meaning of 'is' is.
Condition of Contest
First thing we do, we disqualify all the lawyers from playing in this event. - Shakespeare, updated
For Club Managers
Yes - the players came anyway, for a regular black point game, with no extra fees. 499er attendance might have been up a bit. But the Unit had 100 fewer tables for the week in their STac because we opted out for our open games.
Jackpots in club games - Increase attendance?
I ran that for many years on Friday evenings, in a game that was mostly A players, with some B's. Players could, at their option, contribute $2 to the pot and the house would match whatever was collected. Typically 2/3 of the players participated. Overall winning pair got ...
For Club Managers
I did that years ago. STaC's for 499ers and below only. The STaC ended up with 100 fewer tables for the week. My attendance stayed exactly the same. The issue of players finding the weakest possible field in which to compete has been a problem for years, ever since ...
How the average 'grass-roots' club players feel about psychs
I preempt or overcall once a week myself, but I don't gloat about it, because I get too many bottoms.
BoG Committees
I am sure that Mr. Willey actually wrote that the BoG members should be taken out and treated to a shot of whiskey (or whatever they prefer) and then return to their various deliberations in a better mood. Too bad the gremlins got at it.
Club Play...Results
1. Stop sanctioning new clubs six blocks away from successful existing ones. 2. Re-test and re-certify club directors every time major revisions are made to the Laws, the alert procedures, or the convention charts. Say every ten years or so.
Web Movement?
No one complained at my club when we started using webs - they didn't take long to get used to them. However, we never ran webs for 10 or 14 tables - just a Mitchell with a skip - those movements were close enough to perfect that no one really cared. Even ...
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