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Joel Shapiro
Joel Shapiro
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June 28, 2013
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Sept. 8
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Bridge Player
about me

Reasonably average player in Toronto who manages not to revoke too often.


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Silver Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Advertising your club
When I owned my club, there were three advertising methods that worked well. 1. Word of mouth. 2. Word of mouth. 3. Word of mouth. Google might have been sort of ok too. What didn't work was flyers, community newspapers, large-circulation daily newspapers, city magazines, our Unit's quarterly ...
Confused old man
This may sound real dumb, but maybe Harry's problem (that day anyway) could have been solved with a couple of fresh hearing aid batteries. It wouldn't be hard for a club to keep a few of the most popular sizes on hand.
Director ruling
I'd go with the silver bullet, as long as it says Coors on the outside of the can.
Is bridge dying? Maybe, maybe not.
I was not blaming the ACBL for my club closing - yes, it's an anomaly - but Jeff wondered where all those tables went, so I told him.
Is bridge dying? Maybe, maybe not.
I first heard it from my first sadistics, er, statistics professor at the U of Toronto way back in 1971. I don't remember his name.
Is bridge dying? Maybe, maybe not.
Where did the 7000 tables go? Randy has it right. Either other clubs, including those that don't pay commercial rent, or they just dropped out of bridge. We were paying $100,000 a year in rent and charging $10-$12 for a game. We had lessons, books for sale ...
Is bridge dying? Maybe, maybe not.
Statistics are like bathing suits. What they reveal is interesting, and what they hide is essential. My club, one of the 25 largest a few years ago with over 7000 tables, died because the city decided to build a subway right along our street, making access too difficult. Also, the ...
From a bidding box when is a bid final?
Poor ruling. The statement "I'm passing" is legal.
Tablets with a table feel
Actually, at my former club, we provided tablets upon request to all players. Advil, Tylenol, and Gaviscon were the most popular,
Tablets with a table feel
Me - 7 NT. Opp - Double! Me - Whoops, battery getting low, forgot my charger, see y'all later.
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