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Johan Andersson
Johan Andersson
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Jan. 15, 2014
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8 hours ago
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bridge player

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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Peculiar Situation - What's your Ruling?
He is deemed to have revoked even if he has a card in the suit as well.
Polling Strength of 1m - 3N
What system do others use after 1-2NT invitational? Playing transfer Walsh if that matter. Yesterday I had EJx x EJxx EKTxx What should I bid?
UPS Convention
Ok fair, you have a lot of shapes that is showed below 3NT.
UPS Convention
It is easy to remember, but one could show 55 different shapes without going past 3NT. Your method shows 18, I do not think it is good enough :)
Two-Way New Minor Forcing -- What is 1!D-1!H-1NT-2!D-3!C?
We have 11-13 balanced or 11-15 unbalanced with 3-card support when we complete the transfer. I have thought of having something like the following after 1-1red-1M-2: 2//NT: 11-13 balanced. 3: 6+ 3M 3: 5+ 4 3M 3M: ?? 3oM: 5+ ...
Two-Way New Minor Forcing -- What is 1!D-1!H-1NT-2!D-3!C?
...-2-2-3NT could/should show COG with 5c M.
Nice double squeeze
Nvm, missread
Nice double squeeze
Why do throwing the nine, give you a squeeze position? Dont you always have it? I mean the 9 is falling under the Q?
BZ - "People and their strange mannerisms"
a lot of the links does not work, for example the first one should not be–OQ&t=78m03s but instead
BZ - "People and their strange mannerisms"
Or you could stop reporting every touch to the face and just report when they bend down and do it, their partner can't see it otherwise. It seems you just want to drown every board with useless info so the actual signals are harder to find.

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