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Johan Karlsson
Johan Karlsson
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April 7, 2016
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Johan Karlsson's bidding problem: 6 AQT52 Q98 AT74
Edited for your satisfaction.
They Add Up
Great article as always. Do you mind sharing your whole 1NT structure?
Johan Karlsson's lead problem: 6543 42 A9854 QJ
Strong artificial forcing.
Jeff Lehman's bidding problem: 93 KQ432 A97 J76
I prefer the Milhouse convention where pass shows 5 hearts.
Mike Cassel's bidding problem: --- KQJ742 AKQJ973 ---
I don't expect to be dealt this hand again any time soon so why not have some fun and open 1. If I play with someone who doesn't appreciate that sort of creativity though I'd open 1 and rebid 6 if I don't ...
Find The Lady (a tough non-Bridge problem)
I can't find a strategy that makes favorable odds so I guess no one will play, which is also a loss for the club. The quantity of the loss depends on how many pens they bought.
Find The Lady (a tough non-Bridge problem)
If you know the perfect strategy you know the odds so you either play expecting to make a profit or you don't play at all. Therefore the club will either make a loss or no one will play.
Why Youth Players love Conventions
If you can remember your system it's not complicated enough. I say that if your convention card doesn't have a magnifying glass attached to it you're making things to easy for yourself (and the opponents).
Canape Agape
I currently play a strong club system with canapé. 1 = 15+ 1 = 10-12 balanced, including 22(54) 1/ = 10-14, 4+ cards, may have a longer side suit 1 NT = 13-14 balanced, including 22(54) 2 = 10-14 unbalanced, no 4c M, not 6 2 ...
Are we too advanced to get this one right?
1-2NT 3-4NT 5-5NT 6-7 1-4+,10-14 points, could have a longer side suit. 2NT-4+, inv+. 3-Max, singleton . 4NT-RKC. 5-2 keycards without trump queen. 5NT-King ask. 6-Shows king, denies king and king. West could just as well ...
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