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The Show Must Go On - Vanderbilt Equivalent Begins Monday on BBO
Ok. Hold your horses. This started as an idea from Paul Street to play a few hands during the cancelled nationals among good friends. We got a pretty strong group together and someone thought this was worth mention to the public, which we very much agree with. It has nothing ...
Ethics, what is allowed?
Had a similar experience. Partner preempts 3D favourable and your RHO passes. You hold QJ9 AJxxx xx xxx. You think for a considerable amount of time and then pass. If you now state you were thinking about psyching or raising you are allowed to do so, this was the ruling ...
Sweden should not have played in the knock out phase
You are absolutely right, of course I am very sorry for Japan who didn't get their chance. They of course got really unlucky, but I really hope they don´t feel cheated out of their chance to make history. To make it even more fascinating I can tell you ...
Sweden should not have played in the knock out phase
Cathy, By telling you about the procedures the teams go through to determine the final result I was trying to explain to you why I dont see this as a case where WBF needs to make a statement about "Sweden´s inappropriate qualification to the finals". I also never heard ...
Sweden should not have played in the knock out phase
OK. I am the one who miss scored this board, it is clear I entered 460 when it should have been 430. This is one of many scoring errors we had during the championships. Without knowing the exact numbers I guess the same goes for almost every other team. Errors ...
Sweden in Bermuda Bowl
Hey Julian, never thought you were actually scouting, that's one part where the smiley was missing. About the juniors, without knowing all the details I think the captain decided, for good or for bad, that it was a little to much to let a young pair make their national ...
Sweden in Bermuda Bowl
They are a relatively new partnership with recent solid results in most Swedish competitions. Both have numerous Swedish championships in other constellations and both have represented the national team on a few occasions. Niklas is the more solid guy, while Tommy is the tricky man, always with an extra ace ...
Director call against the Israelis
The series of events - the Italians announcement, the 4d and the 6c calls - was enough for us to ask for a ruling. As you are saying it's not easy to do this without implying they might have heard something even if I really hope that's not the case ...
Director call against the Israelis
Joe, I said that we were playing at the other table in this particular match, not against the Italians that played the other semi final in the same room. Obviously our guys would have called the director if they actually heard what the Italians said. As it was, at the ...
Director call against the Israelis
Ok, since I was in Moscow as part of the Swedish team (other table in this match) and people here make a lot of assumptions of why we called the director when the Israelis bid a great slam against our team, I'm going to tell you our thoughts. First ...

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