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John Aerni
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Sept. 1, 2015
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Dec. 11
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Passionate fan of bridge, now age 60, who plays in a private duplicate game in Brooklyn, NY, and enjoys watching the experts on BBO. Was ACBL member who played in club games and tournaments for a few years ('78 - '81) before family and career ended bridge playing for some 25 years. Excited to have bridge back in my life.

United States of America

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Accusation of Plagiarism against Mark Horton
No, we absolutely do not need to explore what motivated Mr Clark to expose the truth. Exposing such truths does us a service, regardless of whether the speaker or writer is motivated by a desire to serve the public or by a dislike of someone. And, no, Mark Horton's ...
Accusation of Plagiarism against Mark Horton
Hanan, some of us feel that getting at truths and ferreting out lies, frauds and deceptions is all of our jobs. It's not the sole province of journalists
Accusation of Plagiarism against Mark Horton
To this reader, it matters whether an author is plagiarizing. It matters whether someone is passing off someone else's thoughts as their own and not attributing them to the original author. To me, it goes to the author's credibility, to their integrity. It goes to the issue of ...
Accusation of Plagiarism against Mark Horton
Isn't the way to "return to normalcy" for Mark Horton to apologize for plagiarizing, make amends and promise not to engage in it further? One would think that an association of writers would desire that outcome, as opposed to shielding and protecting those who plagiarize writer's works
Accusation of Plagiarism against Mark Horton
The problem here isn't Michael Clark. Please don't attack the whistle blower when, by all appearances, his facts are correct and we, the readers, needed to know those facts
Fisher comments...
There was a control group: Fisher & Schwartz, when they declared. When they declared, they placed the board in the middle.
The Videos Shout: Balicki-Zmudzinski
John, It's speculation to say that "BZ were dropped because they were accused." The WBF did not say why it disinvited BZ. In fact, the WBF said it had discretion to disinvite BZ without giving a reason, and it exercised that discretion. Did the WBF disinvite them merely because ...
Fisher comments...
If Hanan is referring simply to the tone of the discussion, then he should refrain from using the phrase "lynch mob." That phrase -- like references to Hitler and Nazism -- are designed to inflame, be incendiary and manipulate unfairly. The phrase is best avoided if the speaker wants to change the ...
Fisher comments...
Hanan, Sorry, but Brian is right and you are wrong. A lynch mob exercises power by murdering its victim. The exercise of that power is unlawful. It is also conspiratorial. In the US, the murder is race-based. It is a form of terrorism. Here on BW, none of us have ...
Statement from Balicki on PBU site
Ron, A little perspective, please. Someone who cheats should be ashamed. Someone who chose the word "shout" for Kit's thread hardly needs to be ashamed, even though the word choice could have been better (I gather he or she didn't want to or could not use the word ...

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