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John Bortins
John Bortins
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Feb. 12, 2012
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Dec. 2
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Bridge Player
about me

Club director for several years now.

Former board member Unit 359.

United States of America

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Gold Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Tribute to ACBLMerge the "Classic" View
Jay, I like it because the "Classic View" does not munch as much screen real estate as the present incarnation, which I expect will evolve as the elements of the design are better adapted, keeping the user in mind.
To Show or Not To Show?
'On a "short Friday," we see only TOP, BOTTOM, ABOVE AVG., BELOW AVG., or AVG.' Which remote scoring product shows this behavior?
Whining about a club director (again)
Looks like responder bid according to the announced method: 6-10 or so with 4 card support. It also appears that responder took the request for an explanation as a sign that a so-so holding merited more action after opener's clear preference to keep it low, which preference I for ...
Michael Seamon (1960-2017)
So sorry to hear of Michael's passing. Such a delightful man and a great bridge player with a wonderful presence at the table.
Borel and Cheron compute probabilities for sides, 26 cards, after dummy comes down, conveniently ignoring the faced opening lead. The integer 26 has 104 partitions into 4 integers, none greater than 13 or less than zero. Because 26 is an even number, the four integer parts must fall into one ...
Must be missing something. Once I have seen two hands, the unseen cards in each suit are either even in number or odd in number. If odd in number the split is necessarily even plus odd. If even in number the split is either even plus even or odd plus ...
ACBL Releases API for ACBL Live
Just added a lash up to our website with vue.js.
Game Of Chance? College Club Shut Down
It seems to me that football is also a game of chance, as it is a coin toss that sets the sides.
T-Tests: World Championship Butlers
Do recall the t-test is invented to monitor the quality of stout, in particular, Guinness. Any other use must be classed as inappropriate. Cheers!
OK, Speraccepts with Stiff...
Singleton top honor. Already a pair at one of the local clubs wants to extend Stayman to show a singleton top honor. One of our top directors checked with ACBL staff, who found no issues with a 2NT response to show a stiff club and a 3C response to show ...
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