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John Brady
John Brady
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Aug. 3, 2010
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Dec. 1
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Bridge Player
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United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Going for 3500 in a GNT qualifier just after the scoring penalties were increased. Partner made a great bid I didn't figure out - raised her void to the seven level. She gave up the game soon after. Four teammates never played with us again. Sorry partner. My fault. Really painful for a couple of years. Now my favorite story.
Bridge Accomplishments
Fell asleep playing on vugraph in the semi-finals of the Senior Knockouts. Haven't revoked in a while. Once upon a time, I was on a winning 0-5000 GNT team. After I retired, made 676 points in sectionals one year. Who can play that much bridge when they've got a real job ... or a family ... or pets?
Regular Bridge Partners
Patricia and Adrian Dovell, Candace Griffey, John Moschella, Julie Zhu, Nancy Mitchell, Craig Hemphill, Charlie Miner, Spike Lay, Bruce Ohmann, Susi Ross, and a cast of thousands ... well, a dozen or so anyway
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Jacksonville (Florida) School of Bridge, St. Augustine Bridge Club, Gainesville Duplicate Bridge Club, Vero Beach Bridge Club
Favorite Tournaments
Spring Nationals, Florida sectionals, District 7 super-sectionals in Atlanta, Palm Beach Gardens Regional, Gatlinburg Regional
Favorite Conventions
Any short-suit showing convention, bids that show the number of trumps partner holds in support of an opening bid or overcall, Smith echo, Trump suit preference, UDCA, Low from odd-3rd from even
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Platinum Life Master
Copy of John Brady
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How frequent/useful is 1M--3m (nat inv) ? Im looking for hands where responder got INV and a long minor.
What did you replace it with? What do you find to be more useful instead of 1M-3m Invitational?
Meckwell versu Cappelletti
Mike Sr. felt strongly that his way was best. I heard Mike Jr. feels strongly 2M natural and 2C for the Major-minor is better. When last I counted there were more than 140 defenses, plus variations of each, to choose from. I have one partner who likes one convention against ...
Mixed BAM precision auction - What is the worst bid?
It's BAM. On this auction, I think the 1C opener probably is relatively balanced ... perhaps 5332 or 4432 ... and the Responder probably is likely to be one-suited ... perhaps 5332. The stronger side rates to have at least 26 or 27 HCP, no 8 card Club fit, and no 8-card ...
Kickback Konfusion
Kickback in a suit your side has previously bid naturally would get my vote to be at, or near, the worst possible convention. The downside is that it multiplies the number of agreements a partnership needs and the number of specific auctions it needs to discuss. It's prone to ...
Worst Bid? For Bidding Theory Geeks Only
If it takes 7 rounds of bidding to get to a slam off two Aces, maybe the system needs to be simplified. A hidden cost of relays and asking bids is the mental toll it takes, and the time pressure it puts the partnership under, especially at matchpoints. Over the ...
Support Double with Subminimum?.
Whenever a bridge rule uses "always," alarm bells should start going off in our minds. Bridge is not a game of automatic "always" and "nevers." Blackwood said his 13th rule was "THEENK." With support doubles, think whether you would have been comfortable raising partner's 1M response on three-card support ...
What is wrong with the Montreal Relay?
"Eric Kokish probably knows more about bidding than anyone alive in North America today, and he grew up in Montreal. Do you think that, if it was any good, he wouldn't be advocating its use?" At one time, he did! The first time I learned about the Montreal Relay ...
For years, I've played a lot of Sectionals in District 9 and District 7. Of course, club game attendance is diminishing. That's a product of the bridge playing generation dying out faster than it's being replaced by new players. But attendance at Sectionals is dying even faster ...
BW 2/1: Opener's Reverse
"Always" and "Never" Are words we don't use They only mislead us And give us the blues
Announcement Required?
There is a checkbox on the ACBL convention card for "Minimum Offshape Takeout Doubles." That covers all doubles with non-classical shape including 4333 hands and 4432 hands short in an unbid suit, hands with length in the opponents suit instead of support for all the unbid suits, Equal Level Conversion ...

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