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Suppose you are 5-4 in !d-!c w/ 18+ points
Absolutely not. Opening 1C is a typical mistake made by thinking beginners.
Non Timeo Danaos et Dona Ferentes Compulsus
Nice article. To answer the question in the last sentence, I did a great deal of Latin, and based on my experience the odds always favour one having butchered it somehow. As to declarer’s club length, I wonder if the defenders’ diamond cards ought to be substitute club count ...
Non Timeo Danaos et Dona Ferentes Compulsus
Is it ambiguous, Richard? What could it mean other than ‘even’?
-590: assign the blame
West was to blame, clearly - he should have doubled 4S, claiming ownership.
Sequel - Plan the bidding - Now plan the play
It’s certainly true that the main element of any plan is that hearts break 3-3, one would think.
-590: assign the blame
He should, surely. If I don’t have an A for my double I absolutely must have two trump tricks. I suppose though he might want to score both his trumps - cross in diamonds first and get the ruff while seeing what the next suit preference signal is. This is ...
Any strong blame allocation should also explain how slam is reached if S’s QJ of clubs are the King.
-590: assign the blame
That can be the hand, but if it is and you call for a diamond, it may occur to partner to cash the AH first, perhaps?
You've seen this trump suit before
Nicely done, but it does strike me as rather naive to think that W would tell you whether his AK of clubs are doubleton or not. How does knowing hearts are 6-2 affect the a priori odds, I wonder? And why did W lead the 8H? If my partner did ...
-590: assign the blame
Presumably the answer to your rhetorical question is that a heart switch lets the contract make on the given layout whereas it is only useful for the second undertrick if at all.
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