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John Curley
John Curley
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Sept. 30, 2013
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about me

I have played club bridge off and on for many years; enjoy reading tournament reports; retired from a government lab; have an IT background; live in Peterborough Ontario.


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Peterborough Bridge Club
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Calling All Legal Beagles
This reminds me of a funny story by Eddie Kantar from This is the story (from about halfway through the article): The whole scene reminded me of a story I tell my classes. A little old lady, Alice, is playing with a pro, Morris ...
You Know You Are A Bridge Player When....
At a recent Buffalo regional, a full elevator with automated voice says "Going down". I said "Geez, going down again, story of my life". Got some strange looks, nervous chuckles. Now I understand!
Good ideas. Regarding electronic versions of The Bridge World, I guess the fear is decreased paper subscriptions. I like the pay-per-article idea especially if we have keyword searchable access to the entire collection beginning in 1929. Also it would be nice to see monthly Master Solvers Club problems posted free ...
Statistical Models for Testing Illegal Communication
This is a post to savour, as is its companion post. I've read it three times now to learn something about the application of statistical tests to verify "beyond reasonable doubt" that something fishy is going on, illegal signals in this case. The stakes can be much more serious ...
Create a separate robot bridge forum
I'd be interested. I've recently got hooked on the day-long MP tournaments on BBO. I find that the bots are pretty good despite some strange bids and plays. I am intrigued by your idea of bots posting articles on human play. You may have something here. Imagine an ...
Hugh Ross 1937-2017
I only know Hugh Ross for his hilarious submissions to Bridge World Magazine. In one (February 1984, p.17) He suggests a clerihew contest, explaining that a clerihew "is a pithy four-line biography of a famous character". Ross gives some examples including: Thanks to Easley Blackwood Any hack could Bid ...
Slow response time
This may be completely unrelated, but BW is the only one where I get aggressive pop-up ads that force me to close the BW tab and reopen. Happens maybe once or twice a week.
John Curley's bidding problem: --- AKT8432 AKQJ82 ---
I did that. Partner had 87549754Q9843 and could not imagine that 7 was the right bid. It's a once in a decade hand, hard for partner to imagine. I think now I should have bid 7 either directly over 3 as suggested by ...
John Curley's bidding problem: --- AKT8432 AKQJ82 ---
If you open one heart as I did, you hear two clubs on the left, pass by partner, and three spades on your right. If you now try six diamonds, RHO bids six spades.
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6366 at age 70 (rank 1910 at 70%, so 1910/0.3=6366)

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