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John D'Errico
John D'Errico
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June 19, 2010
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about me

Semi-retired mathematician (numerical analysis, applied math, linear algebra, statistics, etc.) I like woodworking, especially wood turning. I enjoy writing up bridge hands, which I find can improve my own play by forcing me to think about what was happening at the table.

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Is this the correct ruling?
A rarely read clause in the rules states a fourth revoke costs the revoker their first born son. (Spelling edit)
Ruling on opening 1NT with small singleton (ACBL)
The ACBL convention charts are now written in stone. That might hurt.
Spam or Abuse of BW membership or Legit?
Eugene - one option that I hoped might exist is the ability to block mail from exactly such a source - an unverified user. That would make this type of spam attack fail in the future. I did look in my preferences, but saw no such option. Lacking that, perhaps what I ...
Spam or Abuse of BW membership or Legit?
Exactly. All it does is spread the spam a little further. The spammer got the perfect result in their opinion - someone else posting their spam in a way they could not actually post themselves.
can you field a psyche based on opponents mannerisms/ questions?
In my old days of pickup lunchtime bridge, when anything frequently happened, I once opened a 22 count with a strong 2♣. Partner had 17 HCP of his own, and since I was known to psych, he thought long and hard about his response. Thankfully, he did not decide to ...
"the reflexively anti-ACBL barking seals"
Actually Robb, I think you are wrong in at least a couple of points. While I do respect your statements that you are speaking on your own, Paul never dissacociated hmiself from the ACBL. That lack of dissociation means he IS associated with the ACBL (he shows that link in ...
My frustration with the ACBL reaches at an all time high
My take? The ACBL is an organization that is having a hard time keeping members. They should bend over backwards in any attempt to do so. In this case, that suggests the ACBL should look at what happened, and recognize that their policy was misunderstood, possibly due to their own ...
Assign blame for missing game
I think you mixed up the North and South hands. It is North who has the trump AJ, and the diamond sequence. So did you really ntend to say that North is worse, or South?
Overcalling 1NT When Holding a Good 5 Card Major
Worse than 65432? The 54321, of course. ;-)
What's the position, post-Boye Revelations?
It is inappropriate, a disservice to dogs everywhere. Dogs are generally kind animals, who will do anything to serve their masters if treated humanely, with kindness. The individuals mentioned are ones who from what we have learned are some who have chosen to deliberately act in an anti-social manner. Since ...

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