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John Diamond
John Diamond
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April 26, 2011
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about me

I am a former trader and computer programmer.  I live in Florida with my wife and my two kids.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
winning the Spingold 4-handed, and winning the Rosenblum
Bridge Accomplishments
won the Rosenblum (2010), the Spingold (2010, 2017), and the World Junior Championship (1991). 2nd place in the Reisinger (2016), and the Vanderbilt (2009, 2012, 2015). Several wins in national swiss and pair events. WBF World Grand Master
Regular Bridge Partners
Brian Platnick
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Grand Life Master
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Matchpoint Defense Problem
If declarer has AQ, then he would surely have knocked out the Q before taking the finesse. It feels like he is trying to goad me into returning a .
Ronald Vickery's bidding problem: A982 T942 AJ9 J5
Richard, it would surprise me, to put it mildly, if partner had that hand vulnerable. If partner is that weak vulnerable, he would need to be 5-5 to bid here.
Is this restricted choice
You certainly cannot allow them to score up Qx opposite Jx for a trick by popping (or leading) the Queen, unless they lead the Queen on opening lead. This is assuming that the defenders have some inkling that declarer has a 6-card suit. As usual, some context would be helpful.
Eric Hamilton's bidding problem: AJ6542 Q9862 3 3
Then the opponents will be cold for slam.
South raised spades, so actually North can. A nice collaborative misdefense. 100% blame to both players.
2 certainly wasn't nearly GF. It was a invitational raise to 3 and showing where his values were along the way. Perhaps 4 should be forcing, but I would not risk bidding 4 unless I was willing to be passed there.
Both partners made NF bids. How can 4 even be forcing?
What is going on?
I just can't see partner ducking the A. The defense could have the 2 pointed Aces. It seems like declarer has the AK doubleton of .
Modern Precision 2!C Followup question
If responder has 6 and a 4-card M and game-going values, he should start with 2.
Director Ruling
David, You said "South is only entitled to know what the East-West agreement is." That is wrong. South is also entitled to have East explain West's bids. If East had done so, then South would have discovered that East thought that 4 was a cue-bid, and South would ...

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