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John Hoffman
John Hoffman
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April 21, 2012
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I started playing bridge when 6 high card points was the minimum for a one level response. I followed my parents' advice ("Never become a bridge pro"), and became a software professional instead, specializing in build, release, and infrastructure.

I compete well at times against high level opposition if I maintain focus and personal energy at the table. Play 2/1 with lots of gadgets, some borrowed and some home grown. Favorites include Good-Bad 2N, XYZ, Non-serious 3N. 

United States of America

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Michael Rosenberg - John Hoffman
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Paul Hightower's bidding problem: AK975 6 AK8 AKT3
I voted for 1S but would reconsider in the context of the result from K&R Hand Evaluator at K&R (AK975 6 AK8 AKT3) = 25.30
Stephen Tu's bidding problem: Qx T8xxxx xx Qxx
I expect that at least one of the opponents will know that they have 0 or 1 heart loser regardless of my bid.
Richard Lawson's bidding problem: T85 Q854 J97 KQ3
Are we forced to double their runout (at least through 2) after redouble? This holding would be marginal for defending doubled contracts at the 2 level if partner's NT opening were 15-17.
Critique the bidding
Looks like East and West are reversed in the diagram or in the options.
Mark Jones's bidding problem: A87 6 AKQ987 A75
I'm fairly sure that everyone would bid 3 over 3 with that hand.
Minor Suit Gazzilli Problem
In Warped 2/1, the 1NT rebid after 1m-1M shows 11-14 with balanced or semibalanced hands, or 11-16 with a singleton in responder's major. We play Cole, not Gazzilli, after 1-1 any, but that might not make much difference here. The 2 rebid shows 16+ playing points ...
Jean-Charles Allavena's bidding problem: KTxxx xxx xxx Jx
The fifth spade is a plus factor, especially if partner has four, but the rest is soft, with the minor suits potentially stacked behind the doubler. I'm hoping for another double, but even then 3 might be just enough.
Alan Frank's bidding problem: K8432 K754 Q2 92
In Warped 2/1, the Reverse Flannery 2H bid is on in competition when it is a jump, as in this case.
What does 2NT mean?:
This is a Good-Bad 2NT situation. A direct bid of 3 of a minor is an invite. Go through 2NT to compete in a specific minor.
Steve Zolotow's bidding problem: 742 3 AK9865 A62
Yet another use case for Good-Bad 2NT. Then we could differentiate a competitive raise in diamonds from a game force.

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