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John Larkin
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Sept. 5, 2016
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GBC Glasgow
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What does a hesitation suggest here?
AW: love the story. Sums it up. One flaw. According to another Burn's Law (not really - but touched upon elsewhere), we are as likely to hear about stories where using UI does not help as stories when it does. So if the game had failed, you would have been ...
What does a hesitation suggest here?
"I believe a hand with extra would bid not that...." So what the poster is wondering is whether player has extra values.... but not sure if enough to bid 3N... and partner might be tempted to up to 3N based on that UI. ...and wanted to know if ...
The Club's Coffee-Housing
Er.... good luck with that.... :) JL
Lame Claims
I used to ask "so what's your (precise) plan?" whenever a vague claim was made. It would work here in clarifying where declarer thinks the lead is, without giving anything away - though I don't think he actually has a problem with that.
What does a hesitation suggest here?
Is it a J-shaped curve?
The Club's Coffee-Housing
YH: ok..not really relevant...but were you actually thinking that it was the three-year-old that was going to have the very difficult few years.....?
What does a hesitation suggest here?
Ns hesitation means he is wondering what on earth 2NT can mean....why?....I mean, what is partner thinking? can you bid 1N, then repeat NT after? he showing extra?...was his first bid an error?...oh! IT's my turn to bid.....
The Club's Coffee-Housing
Interesting detail in this. You may not attempt to mislead, but there is no suggestion that you should not try to keep your reactions as unhelpful as possible. You should not try to mislead by undue haste.... this would include the "bluff" mislead of playing very quickly as if you ...
Gratuitous Question!!!
"D*#%*ed*if you do play well, D*#%*ed if you don't." * Doubled
Gratuitous Question!!!
To be fair on JA, there was no reason not to fall for it.
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