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Sept. 5, 2016
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Is this AI or UI?
"The intent of the Laws is expressed in their wording." Fair enough. But wording is not always perfect. As has been pointed out, it would be very easy to make the wording state very clearly the interpretation you have decided to put on it. But the Lawmakers have not done ...
Is this AI or UI?
Is this AI or UI?
No law at all. I am saying it is our psychology. Get rid of the penalty card and just get back to bridge. It's a bit like being offered all the options after a lead of turn, and not knowing what to do and just accepting it.
Is this AI or UI?
Player ability may come in here. I am reading the above inferences re partner's holding, and the option of leading an honour, realising that at my level, the psychology of a minor penalty card is to get rid of it at first opportunity ( as long as no clear loss ...
Is this AI or UI?
DY: Am not sure I would interpret it like that. West is not using any interpretation of the circumstances surrounding the creation of the penalty card, only the simple fact that it WAS a penalty card. The law does not appear to disallow that. So if the penalty card was ...
Director ruling
But less absolute than "must not", apparently.
What are the ruling principles here?
They should have put the screens out the other way...
Director ruling
AB: I agree. That's why I thought = semantic and didnt take further, except to compare that with "shall not". Since "Thou shalt not" is generally accepted as being a bigger nono than "thou mayest not" for very many years by many following what they believe to be an arguably ...
Director ruling
Thanks. Following the above, I decided to take your advice and read the introduction again. I noted the bit about "the give TDs more discretion in enforcing the law has been continued". Spooky! Then we get to the "established usage" re "may" etc. Whilst you state these are ...
Director ruling
ER: Your post almost confirms my argument. "Transgression" you are happy to use a dictionary version of, whilst sticking to the bizarre bridge laws concept of "may". Meantime, I do not need to read the introduction again as I specifically mentioned that the interpretation of "may" was given "elsewhere", and ...
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