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Sept. 5, 2016
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Could this happen in top-level bridge...?
Indeed I think the disingenuousness concept usually includes the intentionality.
Ethics issue or not?
East will either have not realised she was doing it, or not realised it's a problem. Last week, with pick-up partner in the "no fear" club game, with me dealer North 1NT (2H) 2S (pause....PASS) P 3H AP. East had during bidding denied that her partner had hesitated ...
I've never seen this, just a curiosity
Second try: Yep. As outlined by RF, my thinking was poor, and went like this: 3-2 is more likely than 4-1 because there are 20 combinations of 3-2, and only 10 of 4-1. However each individual combination is unique, therefore must have an equal likelihood to any other. Total tosh ...
Ethics issue or not?
This was my first thought, after reading similar bid in another thread. Only when I started on comments did it appear "obvious" it was natural two diamonds.
Ethics issue or not?
Hmmm... Was South aware of what was going on?
I've never seen this, just a curiosity
Thanks. As always, am unable to think straight....
Not an ambiguity. An umbrella term with two (at least?) subsets.
I've never seen this, just a curiosity
They're not equal?
SY: Most of the decisions I assume are for historical reasons. Scotland has a separate football (soccer) team as it began that way. Indeed Scotland played against England in the first ever official international soccer match in 1872 ( at what is now a cricket ground). The others probably follow the ...
PK: to be fair on RW, many of us have a gentler view of "poaching" in sport.... poaching players from another team being a legitimate manoeuvre,, whilst of course upsetting the opposition. (As, indeed, is poaching around the opposition goal, looking for a lucky chance). Though maybe that's just ...
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