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John Miller
John Miller
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May 16, 2011
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about me

I have been living in Discovery Bay, California for a couple of years now. My wife learned to play during her nights off when our oldest son was a newborn. He is now 16 and both he and his younger sister have learned to play. They play at all of the youth nationals and I hope the family plays in a Swiss someday.


When not working or playing bridge, I like to play the piano and be on my skis - jet in the summer and snow in the winter. Last spring I got to be in the pit band for Cats, with my daughter playing Grizabella, and this spring I look forward to being in the pit band for South Pacific.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
7th in 2013 Roth Swiss, won 2015 GNT-A, 2012 District 6 GNT double (Open and A), 2011 Machlin Pairs, 2nd in a club game with my daughter when she was 11, won 1998 Devon Duplicate
Regular Bridge Partners
Stephen Drodge, Lynn Shannon, Cris Barrere, Robbie Hopkins
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Summer NABC Moved
No, but the Honolulu McDonald's did offer Spam
Summer NABC Moved
Just because the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania decided that it was the right time to tear up the main road for a mile on either side of the playing site? When I lived in PA we would refer to it as the "road destruction ahead" state.
Summer NABC Moved
May I hire you to explain this concept to my wife, please?
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Next time I produce a play - no author!
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Great Carson story. He was the best.
Summer NABC Moved
Summer NABC Moved
Let's start with a few things. 1) We are all affected by coronavirus, whether or when we eventually contract it and whatever negative effects it has on us personally. 2) Some people are randomly more affected by it than others. At the extreme they die, but many other bad ...
Summer NABC Moved
Wall Drug just a bit west? It's on the other side of the state. However, instead of Sioux Falls, how about the Corn Palace for the NABC? Given the number of attendees willing to brave the conditions, it will probably be about the right size. And it is indeed ...
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Time to make a plan B for Montreal
Olympics is not a good analogy. Much of the problem is the months of qualifications in various sports scheduled between now and June. That can't happen efficiently, or perhaps at all. Yes, contingency planning is smart. Being prematurely pessimistic about Montreal is not. While there seems to be conflicting ...

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