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John Norris
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Sept. 2, 2015
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Dec. 3, 2019
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Allan Cohen, Merete Vermehren Norris
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What does this 4NT bid mean?
A good 5 - partner may raise to slam with something appropriate for this.
Jacob Duschek's got it. From 4, say KJ83 the 8 can come into play. From Q83 the 8 is rarely important and sometimes you technically need to unblock the middle card to run the suit.
Where it all started for ZB Maybe it started in 1991, then one could say it ended with this video.
Barometer Scoring For Pair Events
This discussion really shows a cultural difference between USA and Europe. Since I started to play bridge in the 70's, I have never - repeat never - seen any serious bridge tournament, played as non-barometer. In the old days, there was a real barometer, and people were calculating each round by ...
Women’s Pairs Also Decided by “BridgeMate Top”
We should have better bridgemates, with a clear indication of who is sitting at the table in which directions. For instance the Bridge+More solution uses a Phablet for the bridgemate equivalent with a screen, showing player names at the start of the round. Well - it does not prevent people ...
Opening Two No Trump with a Singleton
Would we all open KJx, K, AQxx, Kxxxx with 1nt? After 1C-1H we have a terrible rebid problem. 2D seems "too rich" on the lousy suits, and everything else an even worse distortion. This does not mean that partner should alert each and every 1nt/2nt call explaining "There might ...
F-N each banned for 3 years, according to IMP Magazine...
Does it matter much in practice. Who would possibly want to partner them, even after 3 years.
F&S: Hearing delayed again
Do anyone know what the status is in the other cheating cases. What is the next action, and when does this happen (approx?)
Where Do We Go From Here?
Right Boye, if you are facing the "death penalty" no matter what, you might as well deny, even when the proofs are clearcut.
Another "What is Standard?" bidding poll
By far, most experts in my country - Denmark - plays 2nt as 4-card spade support and 10+HCP, so here 3 would be weakest possible, anything else a trial bid, spades agreed. I would be very surprised if an expert partner would think 2nt was invitational with misfit to both ...
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