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Bidding over a strong 2C
Finally found some stuff from this site digging through Google: (Just posting here so I can remember to read through it.)
Help with Law 25, please
You’re issue isn’t needing help with a specific law as it is getting an answer to the following question: How much leeway does a director have to completely ignore bridge law at a club setting? I’m in the same boat, as next month we are officially starting ...
Rule Question -- Remembering the contract
This is why I love these forums. A simple question such as, "Can I look at my scoresheet for the contract?" or "Can I turn my bidding cards to know the contract?" isn't as easy of an answer as I thought. I'm learning a ton from each point ...
Rule Question -- Remembering the contract
Thank you. I have only been directing for 6 months, so while I know most of the rules, finding them to prove I’m right is a completely different issue. Haha.
Help with Law 25, please
Slip of the finger, not slip of the mind, as mentioned above. Of course it's director's discretion, but I can't ever imagine a director coming to the conclusion that it was a error that we would allow to be corrected. As for pulling the wrong card out ...
GNT Vugraph operators needed
So true. I learned so much from operating the VuGraph in Philly for Vanderbilt. Jan does a great job teaching and running everything, though one hidden card on a trick and a claim after the fifth trick and you feel like “wait, what just happened?” There’s no better seat ...
Gerber/Quantitative/Blackwood over Stayman
I definitely think I'll start focusing on the methods that everybody here added. Thanks a bunch!
Gerber/Quantitative/Blackwood over Stayman
Keycard as in 0314/1430? Or more similar to cuebidding controls? Is there a specific way most people use it in the "Gerber" situation presented here if you use it as keycard asking? Since the 4NT denies a fit, would 4C guarantee the fit? Thanks again to everybody helping me ...
Gerber/Quantitative/Blackwood over Stayman
Brian, when would you use Gerber and when would you use Quantitative in different situations?
Gerber/Quantitative/Blackwood over Stayman
(I literally wrote my original post posing a few questions and only see my title and not the original post when I look on my phone, so I apologize and am confused if for whatever reason it isn’t showing up. Anyway, thanks everybody so much for answering and discussing ...
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