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July 20, 2018
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Questions about 1NT overcalls
Anybody else have some insight into the other questions?
How much do you play?
I'm usually really good and very patient when filling in as a playing director. Obviously some weeks are easier or more difficult than others. But last week I played with one player who I've done OK with before, despite her beginner-ness. And for 20 some boards, I sat ...
Questions about 1NT overcalls
That's what I tried telling them. Glad to know I'm not crazy.
Questions about 1NT overcalls
So I finally got around to introducing these topics to some of my players (specifically Meckwell, DONT, and Cappelletti) since they are mostly low-level intermediate players. I explained the good and bad of each convention as best as I could. But being as I'm new to the conventions as ...
2M or 1N?
There is absolutely nothing positive that comes out of not completing the transfer. Nothing.
Questions about 1NT overcalls
Is the bias against minors based on the ability for the opponents to overcall in a major? What’s wrong with a natural setup to bid the minor if that’s your suit? I must be missing something. This is a completely different question as to why we don’t ...
Some 1430 questions
Thanks for the detailed response!
Some 1430 questions
Let's say you have a hand where you have all five keycards but missing the location of the queen. You are confident in small slam but unsure about a grand. Is your first priority to queen-ask (over asking for king-count, for example)?
Bridge club furnishings
I also bought the same tables from BB&B (I think 34") also using their 20% off. Obviously you're looking for something that "looks nicer", but these tables were super high quality and sturdy for folding tables. I think I got them pretty cheaper as well (list price was ...
Some 1430 questions
Thanks. Just sitting here trying to sure up some conventions, since I've spent most of my time playing just standard stuff. I know some of these sound super obvious, but I just have to get them through my brain by hearing it explained once or twice. For example, earlier ...

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