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John O'Connor
John O'Connor
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Oct. 11, 2015
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Jan. 1
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about me

I am currently on my 5th bridge episode. The earlier episodes were brought to an end by moving to a different city or country. I have played bridge in England, France, Germany, Belgium and now New Zealand.


I have been playing in Auckland since early 2011. Until around Easter 2016, I was just a now and then club player with a range of partners and the occasional success. More recently, I have found myself in a position to play in a number of tournaments as well as in club events and my success in tournaments means that I find it easier to get partners to play in more tournaments.


My tournament results are improving and I am bringing home a steady supply of bottles of wine and small cash prizes. My biggest win up to the end of 2017 was in November when I was carried to first place in an 8B open pairs tournament by Stanley Abrahams - a regular contributor on Bridgewinners. That success led to a news report on the New Zealand Bridge website which described me as a rising star - I will try not to let that go to my head but I will be happy if it helps me in my partnership quest.


Since then, I have won the 2018 edition of the Cambridge sixes and qualified for the 2018 interprovincial championships where I represented Auckland/Northland at seniors level. With my partner Peter Hensman and illustrious team mates Barry Palmer and Nigel Stuckey, we went on to win the seniors event. I have also picked up cash prizes for decent finishes at 5A pairs events and managed a couple of top five places in side events at the NZ national bridge congress. I rounded off my 2018 year with a third place at the Huntley Christmas pairs which included a prize of a rather nice cured ham for Christmas eating.


I won three tournaments in 2019 and one club teams championship. I added a number of new partners to my list and ended the year with a total of 29 different partners. Most of them appear to be willing to give me another go in 2020 so I am looking forward to that. Weirdest bridge moment of the year - realising that I am playing in a tournament with marked decks. Best moment, my newest bridge partner actually buying me a beer when I made a beer card.

December 2019\n


New Zealand

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Tony Forrester turned up at the Cambridge club with his sponsor for practice and came second. Guess who won?
Bridge Accomplishments
In October 2018, I hit the milestone of making more money as a bridge player than as a software engineer. (I was made redundant in September.) I repeated this in November and December.
Regular Bridge Partners
Stanley Abrahams and Hamish Brown from here as well as Jeremy Fraser-Hoskin and Kinga Hajmasi. Also the Waynes Gyde and Oakley and over 20 others from 2019
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Auckland, Akarana and Hamilton where I am a country member. (You remember.)
Favorite Tournaments
New Zealand National Congress
Favorite Conventions
I play both types of bidding system. Standard _and_ American.
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Marked cards
Hank Mayer wrote: Quote: The dealer had no obligation to turn cards per Ivey's request..doing so meant that the casino thought its edge was still sufficient to prevail....when that decision turned out not to be true, the casino cries 'foul.' The casinos wanted 'heads we win, tails ...
Marked cards
I think that you are right there John as far as a bridge decision goes but the Ivey court cases carry a worrying precedent for bridge in a situation like this. Ivey lost court cases in the US and in the UK and in both, the legal ruling was the ...
Marked cards
WikiP had a good explanation of edge sorting here. Phill Ivey lost a court case over edge sorting because he had induced the dealer to rotate high value cards. That decision was consistent in both the UK and the US. So what if a ...
Card holder abuse
Where do you get the idea that the TD accused me of cheating? Did you read my original post? I wrote that RHO accused me of cheating.
Card holder abuse
Dan: "Just a guess here that when OP talked to the TD he added something like, "I could tell exactly what (s)he had!" It's not illegal to notice, but you can't watch how opponents sort cards or where they pull from." I object in the strongest possible ...
Would you open this hand?
The last time that I passed with a hand like this, opps ended up in 3NT which made when partner made his normal lead. At the end of the play he looked at me and said: "You wanted me to lead a Diamond. But how can I do that if ...
Coaching experiences
2 tables seems to work out best because you spend the session playing as two teams of four and that makes the bridge make more sense. At least to me. Three tables does not seems to be too many people though sometimes we struggle to get through 24 boards with ...
Is this a legal 2C opener under the new charts, and does the answer vary by chart?
Why do we have a 2 opening bid in our systems? Surely it is to save the embarrassment of opening one of a suit with a big hand and hearing pass pass pass when game or even a slam is on. If you open this hand 1, how ...
Boris Karloff and Geza Ottlik
Yes, just as blind people make better use of their other senses, people with poor face-recognition will often do the same.
Boris Karloff and Geza Ottlik
Having good eyesight does not make you good at recognizing faces. You can have fighter pilot vision, able to spot and ID an incoming MIG when it is just a dot on the horizon to most people and still be unable to find your wing-man in a crowded bar.

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