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John Portwood
John Portwood
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Aug. 23, 2011
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Bridge Player
about me

EBU MP Rank: 1 Star Premier Tournament Master

EBU TD Rank: Trainee Panel Director

EBU NGS Rank: King (59-61)

Now in Mid 50s, have been member of one bridge club for 40 years - and pretty well play in the one club (which means I don't get much chance of getting those valuable green and gold masterpoints). Widowed (Avatar is picture of late wife) with one youth and nearly retired.

I like to think that I am a highly ethical, polite and considerate to partner and opponents.


United Kingdom

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Overcalling a multi 2D on a six card spade suit - only to find that that was the suit intended.
Bridge Accomplishments
Winning a pack of 6 mixer drinks in an EBU magazine competition
Regular Bridge Partners
Professor WJ Zakrzewski
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Favorite Tournaments
Don't play in any.
Favorite Conventions
My own!
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Zero-max imps (new scoring method)
Well it is in pre-dealt hands, but not every club uses them. The number of imps NS make in a normal IMP event also depends on the EW distribution - so this element of luck is constant. Not sure whether tactics would change
Zero-max imps (new scoring method)
As I understand it - those NS who bid a game that should not have been bid i.e. bad bridge, lose 0 imps. Those EW who mis-defended the game that they should have got down (maybe on double dummy defence) lose 9 imps. What it means is that you aren ...
Zero-max imps (new scoring method)
Does the fact that there will be fewer Imps scored affect the calculation to VPs and also NGS? As you know, the NGS system use a multiplier to convert average imps/ hand into percentages. If the EBU accepted this scoring method then no doubt a different multiplyer would be required ...
Zero-max imps (new scoring method)
OK - I was concerned that if no one beat par then one side would get no imps at all - and from that you canimagine a scenario where the par score on every hand is unobtainable for one side through the entire session - and all NS would end up on 0 ...
Zero-max imps (new scoring method)
So if the datum is NS + 430 and NS actually get +400 NS: -1 imp, EW 0 (EW get nothing since result was NS error.) But if NS get +460 NS: 0 imp, EW -1 imp (NS get nothing since result was EW error) Correct?
Zero-max imps (new scoring method)
I see no reason why you can't score in this method - in effect it is seeing how well you do compared to perfect bridge - and removes pretty well all luck from the event. The best players will still win as they will lose fewer imps. To accept this method ...
Denver Case N9 - Make up your minds!
The ruling does not state that the pause demonstrably suggests doubling: what it does state is that partner has extra values so that 'not-passing' might be succesful. By 'not-passing' the bidder has not 'carefully avoided' taking advantage of the UI - law 73C IIRC (which refers to 16B)
Zero-max imps (new scoring method)
Because the opponents might not be able to just go one-off at a higher level. If the best that they can make is 1S then the optimum score for N/S is always +140.
In precision I have limited my hand - so I show suit. In 2/1 I have done neither - and I prefer to limit my hand. If I miss a 4-4 major fit (only happen when partner is 4-4 or more in the majors and a weakish hand) then so be ...
What is an Expert in EBUland?
If the EBU algorithm was applied worldwide then each country would be able to rank its players on a similar scale - BUT the scales would not be really equivalent as there would not be much diffusion of ranking between countries. A 60 player in the USA might not be equivalent ...
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